Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

I had a great w-end full of scrapbooking! Because I wanted to be comfortable and enjoy the living room space, I decided to pull the folding table and put a comfy chair instead of my usual coffee table an coach! It was perfect! After having lots of busy w-ends in the past month.... just to relax @ home... create and watch movies! It was really a great treat! This is one of the other pages that I made during the past w-end! Since a long time I wanted to use in a large amount the Iron-ons of Heidi Swapp and it was perfect top guide my self with the paper I selected! When your iron is really hot and you cover your paper with a towel... the result is really great! All the words used are from 3 different packs... all words that express our relation Stéphane and me.


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Barb's Layout

Here's the layout of Barb's 2 sweet sons when they where babies Thomas and James! Made with tones of cool stuff (crackle paint, flocking powders, glossy accents, glitter background....just to name a few!)

I hope you will love this one Barb, it's going to be hard for me to part with! I guess I will create a double of it to keep a copy of it!

I will email you to find a good time for me to drop your layout and Nathalie's one for you to bring it to Montréal next week-end!
Big hugs

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Got one layout done - pictures to follow tomorrow morning!

A day of relaxation.... watching movies and getting back on track!
I did my layout for Barb... Ohhhh she's going to love it I'm sure! I will take pictures tomorrow with proper lighting and post the final result! It's in the blues, creams, whites and browns of her 2 darling boys when they where babies!

I also started another one and have at lease 10 different other ones all planned out with my pictures ready! Need to go to bed to be in a creative "Zone" tomorrow!
Good night and sweet dreams!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

One year older... and probably wiser!

Today I celebrate my 32nd b-day!

I bought my self tulips last night @ the grocery store... Love to see them change color and grow... what a great metamorphosis of the nature. In parallel, I'm sure that this year will bring me beautiful things in my journey and great tools to add to my basket of life.

Today is also Earth day, when I was 8, my aunt gave me a T-shirt with the a picture of the Earth and flowers and this date on it. I'm happy to celebrate my birth on this special date. Try today to make one little change that could help our lovely planet.... it could be not to use plastic bags and use the recyclable ones instead, to go inside the Tim Horton and not use the drive-thru.... or take a walk wear gloves and collect garbage! That's what we are doing today at work during the lunch hour! We are going outside and doing a garbage pick up event along the trails near our work place. One little change by every body... one big change as group!

I wish you all a great day and will post more creations soon, I started the page for Barb and it's almost completed!

Big hugs and love,

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bon Jovi concert

Last fall, Stephane offered me a ticket to go with him to see Bon Jovi, what a surprise! I was spending a w-end with some of my bestfriends scrapbooking and when I came back home he surprised me with a little evening just for us! The way that he offered me the gift was the most perfectly planned.... You have to remember last season (fall 2007) Las Vegas CSI was having a series with the mini replicas of different murder scenes (ok this is only to explain... where he got the idea to rap my gift).... So in a shoe box, we build a mini Corel center (now name the Scotia Bank place where our Senetors and different event are booked)... with all the different sections of seats (red, blue, green), the mini Bon Jovi stage and sign + a little pop-up sign saying "We are here"....!!!! And the recent CD in the cover of the box. Let me tel you, yes.... Stéphane is creative and crafty, but I was so happy and was jumping up and down in the living room, a few tears and the biggest smile ever. Wow what a guy that I have!

The story continues... a few months later the week prior the big concert night... Stephane leaves for a full week of hunting. Coming back the Sunday prior our big Saturday night.... he tells me that unfortunately he didn't get anything and all the boys where going back the following w-end to hunt again... and the following phrase from him was to informe me that he was going to join them! Well... he kinda forgot your big night w/Bon Jovi... I so knew that because hunting season is only 2 big weeks that for him, that it's his little thing... is passion if you want to call it that way...

The story ends with him telling me... well invite one of your girl friends... and that's why Tanya came instead with me! OOOOhhhh we screamed, dance and acted like two reall groupies! A great night to remember and the demographics of that night was mostly all woman in their 25-30... so maybe it was better that way ;) !

Oufff I know long story to present my double layout, but hey... I needed to share it!
These pages where created @ my 2nd Navcan retreat of this spring.... Lots of yummy products again and a big thanks to Rachel for her great contributions from her stash to make my page pop like a real Rock Star!!!


Official news about Katie and baby!

From Tanya's report...
"MOM and BABY are doing great :) Yup Katie had the baby. Her water broke around 7:30 yesterday morning and she had the baby around 7pm tonight...... she had a girl...her name is Kasey Patricia (we are still assuming that's the way she will spell her name)!"

I'm so happy for Ryan, Kayleigh and Katie for this new addition to your lovely family and can't wait to take pictures of your lovely baby girl! Big hugs and sending all my love!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sendding good baby vibes to Katie!

Just wanted to give an update on Katie... her water broke this morning. Around 8... she called me at work to come and assist with Kayleigh. I went to her house and was lucky to give her a big hug before she left for the hospital. I spend about an hour with Katie's mom to adjust Kayleigh as her mom was leaving also to assist at the hospital. I drove Kayleigh to Tanya's house as she was going to watch her and make it fun for her to play with Hadley! A few tears at the beginning in the car but all went well!

Hope you have a pain free labor
Katie and can't wait to get the phone call for the announcement that 2nd Squires baby arrived to our beautiful world!
Lots of love

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Yeahhhhhh Katie!

Congradulations Katie one of her layouts is featured on Teresa Collins blog!!! Wow... I hope this exiting news will bring you a little bit of energy to bring this baby to our world!

Sendding you lots of love!



Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Friday!

Ahhhhhhhh Friday, the second best day of the week for me!
Even if we are expecting a little bit of snow and rain today, I feel like spring is here! I can't wait to see the nature revive. For me Spring is really one of my favorite seasons and I can't wait to go out side and take pictures!

I made this page a few weeks ago and was keeping it for a special moment and today is the day! I can't wait to see my Godson next week when I go back home and visit my troops to celabrate my 32 b-day! ouffff 32... yup one year will be added, a good year for change that my uncle said when he did my numerology at the beginning of the year.... lets hope for a good year!

I will enjoy the visit of my Mom this w-end! She arrives tonight to spend the w-end with us!

Have a great w-end!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Finally another one completed!

Happy Wednesday!
Ohhh so happy that this one is completed!
I started it on Sunday but was stuck with the title... I wanted to use the Queen card... and say something like "5 fabulous beauty queens"... but all the word elements that I wanted to use were not working ... I created some cool chipboard letters that were painted and then covered with some Christal effects (ohhh my it looked so great) but at the end on the page, it just didn't work! So you will see a page soon with the word "beauty" coming up soon, i can't wait to play more with my Christal effects!

Hope you enjoy!

PS... I know... I just can't stop using bling, glitter, paper clips and flowers on my pages.... they seem to always find their way on my layouts, even if I try not to put them on!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Oup's 2 days late!

For you Suzane...

Happy Monday!

I wanted to come before today, but enjoyed the beautiful weather instead of being in front of a computer! I scrapped just a little bit and competed the second shadow box for Suzane! I just wanted to play with flowers...glitter and bling! Hope you like it and will bring it to you at the crop of the National scrapbooking day. I may not come to the Blackburn crop this week-end, my mom is visiting us!

I also enjoyed a great date with Katie! Went to see a movie -"21", it's good... but don't spend your $$$ to see it at the movies, rent it instead! Went shopping also and I was happy that she could enjoy some "outside time" before the baby comes!
I have a Layout also that is almost done, I was waiting for the Cristal effects to dry to finish it! Will post it tomorrow.

Have a great week and enjoy spring!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Ouffff it's Friday!

A few things to post tomorrow!!! It was a busy week!
Have a great w-end!!!
Barb.....don't forget me!!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

OK.... not the most productive w-end but it was fun!

Well Navcan again was one of those w-ends that I didn't have much mojo or that I was really really not productive or to much of a perfectionist! I have a double page layout that I can't really share for now (wanting to send it for a call) and one that is a special project! So I have one layout that I have made for Nathalie that I can share currently. I hope you like it Nathalie! I will send it your way probably with Barb once I get her photos and make her project prior to National scrapbooking day as I heard that she will be joining you in MTL!

I also made a layout of us Ya.ya's that Mellisa received and will post pictures soon!!! The kit was made by Rachel and it was fun to play with all the element that she selected to make the kit. Thanks Mellisa for the one you made for me.

Have a great week

Ya.Ya photo swap!

I received a beautiful Layout made by Mellisa and the kit was given by Tanya! We swap all 4 kits and re-swap at the end the completed Layout!

I made one for Mellisa and once she as it on her blog or provides me with pictures I will post it here (hint hint... Mell !) Enjoy Mellisa's layout in the mean time!