Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pics of the Debby Schuh and Tim weekend

This is way over due!

The pictures of our first Scrapbox event are taken from Debby's blog and the ones from Tim are by me or my good friends if I am on a picture!
What 2 great moments to remember!

Debby Event - side by side with my "Big sister" Loulou

At the store after a big big day at Saturday

Tim event at Scrapbook Québec at Laval

The Projects

Up close...!

Tim and Katie

During the intro...

All the Ranger products one for each participant

Ink applicator carrousel's - 2 per table of 8
The way to to it is to have one applicator for each color group (Dark browns, light browns, Yellows, Pinks, Purples, Reds, Light Blue's and Greens)

Some of Tim's samples

During the creation of my version "Love"

Everybody needs a Mario!
Being an instructor, I know that first hand.... He was the best! Anything missing, any questions... he was always one step a head!

Mellisa, Tim and I

Katie, Tim and I

What a weekend to remember!
Cheers to many more exiting ones to come!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Happy Thursday!

Quick fly post to share 2 new layouts - mostly created with the April JBS kit. Pictures taken when my sister visited us back in September 2009

Sebastiano - 11 months old

My Mom, sister and me

Will come back tomorrow with the pictures of last weekend!
WHAT A moment to remember! Our first Scrapbox event with Debby Schuh and meeting the man... Mr Tim Holtz! WOW!
Stéphanie xx♥
Ohhhhhhhh and if you want to join us at the store this weekend we have crops on Friday and Saturday... and I think they may be spots for both open! Call the store at 613-745-2215!