Thursday, August 11, 2011

336 hours, 14 days, 2 weeks... at the end it's all the same!

I’m calling this “the final countdown” period… yes like the song…

Let me explain.

I didn’t post much about this on my blog, but I’ve been keeping a little calendar in my purse of when Stephane returns. He left overseas to Egypt May 16 and he’s back on Aug 25. Yes 3 long months. After 8 years ½ together... always side by side, let me tell you... it’s not a walk in the park for sure. But I truly think I made the best out of it. Technology {insert my life saver Skype} helped tremendously to keep in touch + facebook for all the photos. Then all my Friends… SERIOUSLY…Thank you to all {insert Hugs, HUGS and H.U.G.S even to you Ham & Natasha!}…that listen to me ramble about it, cry about it... Your support was amazing. Some even offered different “Hotel” type accommodations with their guest bedrooms if needed and I knew I was always just a phone call away at whatever time of day/night.

So in that calendar, I logged the 101 days, the weeks and when a month was completed how many days that was in total… Religiously every start of my day I MARK the previous day with a BIG X in sharpie (hated that smell at the start, but now knowing it’s so close to the end, loving it oh so much more). Once he’s back it will go in my Smash journal for sure.

I didn’t have anything much creative to share today, but wanted more to share the “stuff between the two slice of bread” (ok imagine a sandwich… So that would be what is filling the bread…) basically what I felt inside… Mmmm do you get the picture!?!?!?! Lol... ok I am finding my self really funny right now and I know my closest friends are probably laughing right about now… about it also! Priceless Stephaniesme!

Enjoy your rest of the week!

It’s almost the weekend! Happy Dance!

Hugs XO~

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

.... and more layouts!

Here's a few more layouts that I made since the past week. Loving the Punchanella... can't you tell! On the first layout I actually used it as a stencil with the Pumice Stone Distress inks, used also a Prima mask with some glimmer mist and applied the paint with a old card.

My birthday April 2003, us both after 4 months dating....
Now it's been 8 years 1/2! Where does time fly?

With this one I used it with the Glimmer Mist and once again applied the paint with a old card.

Magali & me, Boston Spring 2011

Love the Girl Paperie collections, really sad that they won't exist anymore.
Have a great day!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Finishing up Layouts

This past weekend I stayed home. Felt really good.... no plans, just time for me. The past months I've been working hard with Super Tornado Tammy to get organized. Doing that I found like 9 layouts that I had started at crops that where never finished because I didn't have either something to do the title.... or that perfect thing left home.

So I managed to finish 5 of them during the weekend! Yeah! So I have a few more to do and projects also that I need to tackle from events that were hosted at the store.

Me & my sister

Filling my everyday with laughter, smiles and unimaginable joy

My sister and Sebastiano, last summer in Italy... I really love this picture of the both of them

Loic my godson his first day of school last year

Greedo, the Bounty Hunter (yes his name is taken from a Star Wars character)

Series of photos of Sebastiano again from last summer in Italy wile easting the best pasta I had ever had in a restaurant in Sarnano near the Mont Sibillini

Enjoy your week!
Stephanie xo~ ♥

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Art Journal Class series 2.0 at the Scrapbox!

We had such a great demand to start a new group and here's what's going to be made during the first class. If you wondered what Art Journaling was all about, this is the class for you! This is a series of 3 classes, starting on August 10th. Learn TONS of techniques that you can use on any scrapbooking page, or mixed media project and have fun doing it.

Where do you sign up? In store or by calling 613-745-2215! I think we have only 1 or 2 spots left, call now if you want to join us!

Date of first class : Wed Aug 10th at 6pm - 9pm

Two Class dates to follow in Sept and Oct!

Cost : $30/$27 per class or $75 up front for Members only!