Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tuesday glory

Last w-end went by so fast! I'm happy to report that I didn't do much more on the scrapbookig side of the world lately! Trying to get back on track with my health!

I worked on my next project for an upcoming class and that's pretty much it! I want so badly to get organized.... but that's taking precious time away to create! I need to get my stuff organized for the crop on Saturday before the end of the evening Thursday as I need to pack my stuff on Friday morning... Because after work I'm the designated "chauffeur" for Katie to go at Mell's!
I need to focus... f o c u s.... FOCUS on the load of stuff that I will be bringing!

At work since January, it's crazy.... I'm expanding my tasks, but it's giving so much less time to do my other work and I'm getting really stressed out over it. My boss is so happy that I'm doing all the little extras so at lease the management is seeing all the work that I'm doing.

Well that's my last updates, I will try to post more often and also post some LO 12 x 12 that are still not attached together....

I wish that a day would have more than 24 hours.... or that I could STOP the time and finish what I'm so desperately trying to accomplish!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Fitting the Flu and a cold...

Well it was not a good week last week... I'm trying to put my mojo back together and it's taking alot of energy. I had a bad cold and it's still not making alot of progress, but I hope by the next days all will come back in place. I just have to say I love chicken noodle soup from Lipton or St-Hubert! They were my really good friends it the last 5 days! I took last Friday off, trying to keep my colleges of getting my ugly bug and stayed in bed all day.

During the weekend I had a little bit more energy and I did a page on Saturday and one on Sunday to add to wedding album of my friend Magali. My goal is to finish that album in the next 2 weeks to have again one more non finish project completed.

At the upcoming crop at ForKeepsake I'm planing 2 things.... completing a lunch box album that I started last spring of my favorite pics of flowers. I'm trying to limit my supplies to bring this time!!!! It's my own challenge that I'm giving to my self. Haute couture papers and ribbons that goes with that and my embellishments (this is were it's going to kill me... I just need to focus and make sure I don't bring to much!!!) and/or.... completing my accordion and LO's of my addiction to Heidi Swapp.... Depending How I'm feeling I will see witch one that I will bring!

Leaving you with this great picture (not taken by me...) of an amazing butterfly the Greta oto is a brush-flooted butterfly and is a member of the clearwing clade; its wings are transparent. Its most common English name is glasswing, and its Spanish name is espejitos, which means "little mirrors." The tissue between the veins of its wings looks like glass.

I am always amazed by nature and you will probably see it in the future post that I make of LO's, photos that I took or project that I made!
Happy Monday!

Friday, February 9, 2007

My new class coming up in March

Here's my project that I made for my next class coming up in March. After a few complications trying to prepare it I and finally happy with the final result.

This was made during the past week and now I just need to work on my 12 X 12 LO and the chipbord tag ring album and I will have completed all my project For March and April.

The big plan for the w-end is to modify my 12 X 12 LO so I could post them.... stay tuned they will be posted soon!
Have a great w-end!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

He is so precious.... to my eyes!

My cat.... Maya!
I am so a cat person!
These a pictures of him of 2 w-end ago.
He was taking a little catnap on me, the direct sun light was sinning on him.
I was really lucky as our camera was left on our coffee table.
I got alot of really good pics... well I went crazy... about 70 of them!
I was trying different things and this is the result!
Thank God for the cat treats.... and his patience!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The Love Album!

I wanted to create an album with all the ones that I love in my immediate circle... My boyfriend, my cat, our families and our best friends. I wanted to keep the same colors in the full album and use black and white pictures. I am just missing my yaya's to complete this... and I still have 2 pages left for them, Love ya lots Mell, Katie, Rach and our newest member Tanya!

This is truly my favorite quote: " I Love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you."

Happy month of Love xoxoxo

Monday, February 5, 2007

I am happy!

Finally a good productive w-end!

I was able to Scan some of my pages at one of my good friend this w-end! Thanks Mellisa... This really helped me to have at least something good done during the w-end! I only need to attach the 12 x 12 LO and I will be able to upload does ones also! I was able to finish also one new page. I still need to work on my Sketch book class... but that's what I'm doing tonight!

Et voilà... Pages from my best friend wedding!
Thanks for looking!

Friday, February 2, 2007

Let's try this again....

What a week....

Last w-end was really not productive as I wanted!
I started the major cleanup in my scraproom.... (session #2 is this w-end)!
I have a deadline as my mom is visiting in a few weeks!!!!
Then I was able to do a Shadowbox (that was not on my list of "to do"....)
for some friends in Labrador city that were blessed after 6 years of trying
and finaly having invitro there twines little girls in last April and I wanted
her to have a gift of the different pictures of the past year.

For the rest on that list... NADA .... nothing more.... but one other thing...
trying desperately to Scan LO's and projects but our PC is having major issues lately and we need to completely clean it up! So this w-end is... the w-end of burning all the pictures and erasing the PC and re-installing all again! (I'm in charge of the photo part... and Stephane will be doing the rest!) If the scanning is not working... I will switch to the photo's because I really want to post some project here !

And on the creation side of my life... I need to put aside what I had plan for last week and prepare my upcoming class at Scrapbooking Café. One sketch book, one chipbord tag album and 2 LO's!

Let's see If this will be working this time!
Have a great Superbowl w-end !

Great class last night

Wow it was perfect! Well except that I did buy the proper materials and that I need to run to 2 dollars stores because they didn't have the good size and I ended up being late of 25 minutes.... The good things is that I was prepared! I did for each scrappers a instruction sheet with sketches of the project in the beginning and then finish, with all the materials needed for each section, the size of paper to use and photos, the different steps.... it was really good! I think that all the girls really enjoyed them self! Some even asked me to come and play (scrap) with them if I could! As we were painting I brought some gloves for them to not get dirty.... and it was a hit! I had 2 girls that took my first class and they said that having the instructions is really the best thing... and with that they can go at their one past and ask questions if needed! I think t was a group more intermediate to advance so it really help with the process! My 2 next classes will be at the Gatineau store and I'm repeating the projects so I just need to translate the instructions and Voilà!