Monday, November 30, 2009

My Etsy store shaping up!

I wanted to open my little Etsy store since so long (years) and I thinks it will soon happen! Stephane is working on creating a banner and all weekend I was prepping items to sell. Here's a little sneak peak of what I had today on hand to finished up during my lunch our

What you can expect:
Card sets (pre-made and kits)
Tag sets
Ribbons tag
Assorted vintage paper packs
Hand made embellishments
Fabric bundle
Mix and Match embellishment packs
Special projects and kits!

Hoping to post pretty much every other day with my December daily updates and the Tim Holtz tag of the day that "we" were challenged by Jenn to create - see her post here! Ohhh and if you are looking for the exact tags he is using, the store will be having some to sell!

Have a happy Monday!
Stéphanie xx

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Enjoy life & Happiness"

After another busy weekend (trip to Montréal for my Mom's retirement party on Friday, a day with my family Saturday and some more limited time with Magali and Maxime on Sunday) we came back both exhausted and went pretty much directly to bed Sunday at 8h15pm (if you know me I have often on every night 3 hours of TV time that I like to watch, therefore I am usually shutting off the lights around 11h15pm...) Being in bed that early means I needed a good night sleep!

I was able to complete this layout started weeks ago at Katie's when I visited for Halloween. "Enjoy life & Happiness" 2 strong sentiment that I am trying really hard to embrace every day right now. I don't know if it's that I realized that my sister is once again gone back to where her home is..., the seasonal change, stresses at work, problems regulating my Iron and B12 once again, deciding to stay here and not go to New Brunswick during the holidays with the family like we always do.... but it seams that I am missing lately the "smiling me" and the "Stechie" that my friends and family love.

I find it really fitting what I have created and leaving it here hanging at work to view every day and to remember what this person was and Is (picture taken 10 years ago during University years on a boat near the Roché Percé in Gaspésie during a summer vacation with Magali and Maxime).

I don't want to hide what's happening and I think for my process I need to share it and I know that I am not alone it this big boat! It seams that all my good buddies are having shitty days like this and I guess us women align periods some times, so this must probably again a trick of Mother Nature to make us stronger and to be there for each other as we are living similar stuff on different levels (our own unique situation that makes our sky less blue and are days less happy)!

So here's to a better week... to a 2 week vacation over the holiday period... to good friends to chat with and to get back on track (thanks Loulou, Katie and Jenn), to be more positive and a to be a smiling person and to have a balanced soul (yes was one of my words of 2009; it's not too late)!
Stéphanie xx

Monday, November 16, 2009

A busy week = a busy w-end

OK... I manage to be able to use once again my memory card on my camera... not sure what happened last week... so here's a couple pics of my daily December that I have started.

We had a great visit from my bother, SIL and Benjo the dog (all went well in general with Greedo but he had many physical transformations over the weekend.... ;) and I am not too sure why!) Arched back, hair dressed up on his back, a puffy tail of a 4" diameter (OK exaggerating just a bit) and some hissing and growling...!

At the departure it seamed that they were almost acquainted and OK to potentially play together.... lets see what happens at the next visit.

A busy class but we made it Saturday, a fabulous dinner and drinks at Moxie's, 2 movies and some relaxation on sunder and I made my famous ribs for diner and They were on their way back home around 8h30pm yesterday and in bed at 9... I was just pooped out, no jokes there.

Hoping for a good week, appointments here and there, 1 class, my mon's retirement party Friday, crossing my fingers to go see new moon with Magali Saturday...that's pretty much what's planed in big!

Hugs and have a great week!
Stéphanie xx

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

3 things

  • I was prepared to take a picture this am of my poppy I got for Remembrance Day and do a small post as a tribute, but when I wanted to take the picture my beloved camera was not able to "create a folder" and I wasn't able to view all my pictures on the card.... so I may be having a small problem on my hands. So i will be going at lunch to get my self a new camera card, lets hope that it's just that.

To all troops around the world, veterans, lost soldiers, retired ones (Rach), families and friends my thoughts goes to you today.

  • Second one was... I had a fantastic weekend over at the Scrapbox as we celebrated your second anniversary. Friday was a great night with Rach and her mom and Saturday was with Loulou, Katie and newest friend Emma (who won the first prize in celebration of the "Box" anniversary)! I worked on my December Daily (yes so happy to be doing it this year, following a trend that Ali is setting!) Pictures will be posting soon when I will be able to use my camera.... ;(

  • And in third... I have a full house for my 2 classes of this week! Yeah! Thursday All About Me: Christmas Past with the Websters papers and Saturday for my Canvases Class #2 with the Little Yellow Bicycle collection! Working hard on my upcoming ones for December, due to the shorter business weeks in December I will be only offering 2 classes 2 page layout for my All About Me series (Xmas 2009) and a Calendar project to decorate your home!

Have a great end of week... all ready Wednesday... almost half way there!

My brother and SIL are visiting us this weekend with their Pug, can't wait how Greedo will react! hiiiiiiiiii



Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Graphic 45 - Domestic Goddess Wednesday class

This Wednesday I will be teaching this class at the Scrapbox and if you have wonderful pictures of you baking, well it's time to create this 2 page layout!

Call the store if you wish to join me, there is a few spots left 613.745.2215

When: Wednesday November 4th at 6pm
Cost: $ 33 / $29 for members

Have a good Tuesday!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Bonne Fête Maman!

Je t'aime gros et passe du bon temps au Nouveau Brunswick avec ta famille.
Ta grande xxx 1/2...

Halloween fun!

Almost a full 24 hours at my dearest friend Katie's over the weekend! Fabulous time with her family and took almost 200 pictures of the Halloween celebrations! Kayleigh was kind to lend me her bed, got 1/2 layout done and watch a movie with Ryan's company, tried new types of pizza (good to go out of my box) and just pure enjoyment of spending time with the most cutest little girls Kayleigh and Kasey!

I took a tones of pictures of Kayleigh in front of the pumpkin and these were my $$$ shots of the weekend!
Kasey grinning! She's the most lovable child, xx
4 witches ready to pass Halloween! The Squires left to pass as a family (until little Kasey had her quota) and I was giving the candies at their door, was fun!
When Katie came back with mini K we gave out the candy outside, keeping us warm with a little glass of vino! ;)
Kayleigh just after passing Halloween
with a remaining hallow of orange make-up!
This was the cutest thing....
Both of them hiding in the orange chair...
little dress peaking out and their special socks...

Thanks Katie for taking pics of me in costume,
can't wait to scrap them next w-end!

And one of little Greedo, he was a good boy yesterday - cuddling with me all day and sleeping pretty much all evening (trying to catch one pic of him, when sleeping - but he was faster than me, waking up!)

A great weekend, yesterday Loulou came for 5 hours to continue organize my scrap stuff, what an accomplishment 1/5 left to do - yeah! Feels good to see an end in site!
Have a great week,
More scrapping update soon on some of my upcoming classes!
Stéphanie xx

All about me - Christmas Past

When I found this picture of Grand parents, my siblings and me I was so inspired to use the fabulous papers from Webster Pages and create for the All About Me series! Perfect for precious photos of your past or for this holiday season, you will learn to use vellum and create embellishments by simply using Paper, Stickles, Smooch paints, Bling, Glitter and Crystal Lacquer!

If you wish to register please call the store at 613.745.2215!

When: Thursday November 12 - 6 to 9pm
Cost: $28 / $25 for members

Have a happy Monday!