Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mini canvas Album for the Scrapbox

Fun and creative project - a Mini Album that is based on Canvas stretched board full of multimedia product and techniques! The colour palette are in a very cool mixture of Teal, Green and Yellow! Also included are paper, fabric paper, acetate, canvas board, canvas plus a pair of jeans that are past any hope of redemption * yes to be provided by yourself =) If you do not have one, I am sure value village or any good thrift store will be able to assist you!

Call us today to register at 613.745.2215

When: Saturday July 17th from 2pm - 6pm
Cost: $40/$37 for members

Sample will be available next Wednesday July 7th

Stéphanie xx♥

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Classes at the Scrapbox for June and July!

I am working hard between coming back from Italy then leaving 5 days for my grand fathers funeral on my classes for June and July at the Scrapbox

Here is a Schedule of what is upcoming and some pictures of the projects!

Tonight June 24th - "All About Me" and my Dad or important Man in your life
6 - 9pm
cost: $30 / $27 for members
a few spots left

Wednesday June 30th - Basic Grey Capella combo
From a wonderful paper kit - create 2 page layout + 2 cards!
6 - 9pm
cost: $35 / $30 for members

Wednesday July 7th - "All About Me" and having fun in the summer sun!
Loving the Green at Heart from Basic Grey - it's the perfect page to showcase your upcoming summer activities!
6 - 9pm
cost: $30 / $27 for members

Thursday July 15th - 3 Tattered Tags
You want to master fun techniques and test drive some new products before inverting - this is the class for you!
6 - 9pm
cost: $35 / $33 for members

Saturday July 17th - Canvas Album
4 X 6 in size - Sample is forthcoming
2 - 6 pm

Thursday July 22nd - 12 X 12 layout *repeat*
View picture here!
6 - 9pm
cost: $30 / $27 for members

Wednesday July 28th - Birthday book *repeat*
Very popular the first time around - it's your time to catch it one last time!
Each month has a tag and a page that holds a index card to record the important birthdays and anniversaries for that specific month!
6 - 9pm
cost: $35 / $30 for members

Call us at 613-745-2215 to book your spot now!
Planning to scrap for me soon - however, I just got my hands on the "Pack your Bags" from LYB and planning a mini Album class with it for August - new collection available at the Scrapbox! Soon some of my Italy pictures will be used for some layouts! Can't wait!
Big hugs, I was really due with an update... thanks for your patience!!! ;)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Firday June 11th class - Canvas Layout

Back from my travels, here is my class for this upcoming Friday!
Picture taken on the top of the Monti Sibillini in Italy!

This is a 12x12 Single Page LO with Mixed Media on Canvas (not stretched canvas over wood - just canvas!) Many techniques and Rich with product!

Join me at The Scrapbox on: Friday June 11 at 6pm - 9pm
Cost : $30/$27

Call the store right now to book your spot! 613-745-2215 If needed, please leave a message and we will return your call and make sure you get in on this great class!


Back from Italy! Part 1 - 24 hours in Rome!

I am back!
Here's a sample of the pictures... almost 2100 pictures in total Many pages to scrap!
I am back since June 1st - well almost June 2nd as we arrived in Ottawa around 1am. It took me 1 week to sort and select the ones I wanted to share.

***** Make sure to see older post - it's all the pictures from when I was with my sister in Sant'Angelo - 8 days in total! ****** or click on this link!

Saying goodbye to my Stephane

Traveling partners! My Brother and I

The best service ever- Really top notch! Food and all

Arriving at Rome at the train Staying - taking the Leonardo Express to downtown Rome - Next trip - I will want to stay at lease 3 to 4 days in Rome - so much to see.

Near our Hotel

First evening after taking a portion of the bus tour. Near Vatican City enjoying a fabulous meal. 51 euros - each an appetizer, we split the pizza, pasta, desert and a good bottle of wine!

The best Gelato ever - during our diner - we saw at lease 100 Italians turning the corner with each a Gelato and we were recommended from our water to go! Wow amazing!


24 hours is really a short stay - but my brother got us ticket for a Hop-on Hop-off Bus - it's the best way to see it all if you are not staying for long.
All photos are taken from the Bus except at the Trevi Fountains

Urbain Rome

in front of the Presidential palace

Micheal-Ange courtyard were we would meet one of his ladies....

This is the most impressive place in Rome (after Vatican City)

Perfect wind for the flag!

Cesar was stab here.

Walls of building - Beautiful

One of the Tiber bridge

Were the Pope would take refuge if needed in time of war
Castle Sant' Angelo

I can't recall.... oups!

My dream stop!
The Trevi Fountains!

Making a few wishes!

The right side of the Coliseum

Tiber River
Vantican City Walls

Pictures from the Church near the Trevi Fountains

Part one completed!
See bellow for part 2 in Sant'Angelo -