Friday, January 26, 2007

The big plan..... for the w-end!

Well lets see if this time I will be able to really do want I had plan....
Last w-end we did so much running around the city, so this is it....
The Big plan for the weekend is to Relax - Create - Scan project and clean my scrapbooking room!
I have so many projects that I need to finish, that I started a long time ago, but it's always more fun to start something new...
so it gets put aside!
This is the lost of projects to do:
- I have my best friend wedding album to finish (8 LO if I remember)
- a small Heidi Swapp accordion album of my trip in the States to get the Costco kit that she made to sell there...
- A one year album of my godson Loïc for me (6x6)
- LO of Loïc (12x12)
- A Basic Grey lunch box album of my "favorite things"
- mmmmmmm and much more!
So wish me lunch in my w-end of scrapbooking and lets see on Monday what was done or completed!
Have a great w-end!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

And... some Snow again!

Finally we are having the normal temperature and weather for January... I can't wait to do a photo shot of some nice winter pics to complete "my series of season" projects! To start last year I did a spring accordion album with the wonderful tulips that we have in the capital region. Then with a series of photos taken with my dear friend Mellisa near her house I did a 5 x 9 album of Autumn pictures and with some great pictures taken of a sunflower field, I did a ring album on different size of chipboard for summer! I just hope that I will be able to take some pictures this w-end with a bright blue sky and snow on the trees! I will post my pictures and projects soon...!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

A small visit to the USA

We had a great time yesterday...but what a drive. We hit a big blizzard going and coming back from Syracuse NY. Have you ever seen lightning in a snow storm????????? We were thinking of heading back but the next exit was 4 miles a head, so no way of turning back. It's was just crazy!

We finally came home with more than 1hour and half of delays because of the road conditions. Near Brockville 11 accidents in a 12 KM distance! People are just stupid... When you see a car in the ditch... what do you think first.... I hope they are OK.... then you see then trying to push the car, so that tell you that they are fine! Then a few minutes later dead stop on the 401... and you see cop cars trying to pass on the side of the road... again another accident. Then a Truck in the jackknife position(hihihi that's Stephane description for it) basically they can't move anymore. So what goes threw our mind... now.... SLOW DOWN, please! What's the point to going fast if you are end up in a ditch! So 11 accidents later we were safely back home.

We went to AC Moore, Jo-Ann's, Target, K-Mart, Walmart, Dick's and Foot Locker for Stéphane! Ac and Jo-Ann's had great sales!

PS... At the Us customs the officer was really funny, he was asking us were we were going, what we were going to do... Stephane response was Site seeing... So the officers response was a big question mark on is face... so I replied and probably some shopping... So he looks at Stephane and he said: "Was that her idea or yours?" I didn't leave time for Stephane to answer, I said mine. So the officer looked to Stephane and said" for $20 I could refuse your entry to the States if you would like..." Really the first officer that was funny in all our trip down there... I'm really going to do a Scrapbooking pages on the top 20 things that you can say and hear at the Customs... This is really on my to do list of LO !

First class completed

Wow... with full perspective, now I can say that all went well! I will need to adjust a few thing for next time, but for my 3rd class in all my life of teaching, it went pretty great! I was so tired after.... ouffff ! Working 8h hours a day in front of a computer... versus standing to teach for 4hours... a small change and I will to get use to that! The only thing for next time... I hope that we will be able to start all at the same time... it was hard to combine all the different arrivals as it was a real big project for only 3hours! I can't wait for the next class on Feb 1st and see the outcome!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tomorrow... is a big day!

I will be teaching tomorrow at Scrapbooking Café my first class and I am... seriously a tad nervous about it. I know that all should go well but I'm really not a person that takes dimension when I scrap...

When I started 4 years ago scrapbooking I had the thing for Color Blocking... or simply Blocking. I use to do it with even no sketch or guide... it's the way my mind works!

I will need from now on at the time of creation (to simplify my life and gain back my sanity), to take some measure and write them up! For those that are interested here's the link to my 2 "Scrapbooking of the wall" projects that I will be teaching tomorrow and on Feb 1st !

I will be reteaching them in February at the Gatineau store location!
Wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Day 2 !!!

Now I'm happy! I did all my updates and I am now able to send out my invitation for some visitors! Et bien l'aventure du blogging commence et j'ai bien hâte de vous partager toutes mes petites ou grandes aventures!
Take Care et à Bientôt!

Monday, January 15, 2007

"The" first Post!

Lets start with one of my favorite photos of me and my love!

I must say that this is truly under construction or I will be honest.... I'm trying to figure out all the tools...

I must advise all my viewers that I will most definitely post in French and English... and I hope you will enjoy each and every visit on my new blog!



P.S. .... I will have time to time... small spelling errors so please... READ but no judging...!