Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And I'm back.... ooooohhhh and winners to announce!

What a week, last week was!
So much more than I was expecting, in so many levels!

Amazing time and moments for sure to remember!
I had the best time ever with Jenn. I think that in the day to day store activities, yes you get to build a relationship but these 3 days made truly an impact on ours! Thank you (I would use a better word than that if I could) JENN for this amazing experience you gave me the possibility to live. Good driving times, good chats and they were nonstop!

We had a fabulous time with Jenn's mom in Bobcaygeon on Tuesday night, the perfect "pit stop" to start our journey to Toronto! She's such a wonderful women - thanks for the short but amazing little visit!

First photo is after our first day in Toronto after our Copic class. What a fabulous product it is! WOW! I just can't wait to give it a try and the store should start having them really soon! And i will add to my side banner soon my "Copic certification mark"!

Thursday was an AMAZING - FABULOUS - WOW day!
Because 2 of us was representing the store, Jenn and I were sharing the 8 class presented! The 4 that I got were Scrap Rats (program offered by OPW), Prism Cardstock & the Marvy punches, Daisy Buckets and We R Memory Keepers! WOW tones of good and new products to bring back home, new techniques and wonderful classes completed! (During that time Jenn took Making Memories, Ellison, Core'dinations and Spellbinders)During the full day of classes between our breaks at lease 15 make and takes were offered by all the companies presented! This was my mission to do them all and to play even more with the products.... FUN FUN FUN!

At Lunch and at the Diner Banquet - Stacy Julian - was the guest speaker and this was the best part of the 3 days in TORONTO! SHE IS AMAZING! (yes that's the word you will read the most in my post). To think about your personal "Bucket", "Creative Curve", the "Sparkles" in our lives...just to name a few! She is a eloquent speaker, knows what she is talking about, funny and dynamic! I was blessed to have some time with her to view my layouts and to have her valuable feedback! Thank you Stacy and I hope our paths will join soon again! Both Jenn and I miss you all ready!

I would have loved to have a picture with Cassandra Cooper (Owner of Daisy Buckets) to share.... She is truly fabulous girl! Loved her class and their journey as a company! She came with her Husband and daughter to enjoy some extra time in the region and the time in the parking lot talking for almost 1 hour was also again one of my favorite moment of my trip! I will be in touch with you really soon! I just have to add WOW on the paper ribbon trees and the big boards - soon to follow with my own creations - this is Cassandra's!

And the "boys" that's how we called them.... but we should maybe more refer to "Men" than "boys"! Yes President Jayson and top International Sales rep KC were in Toronto to represent My Minds Eye products! Jenn and I both won their prize pack and I just can't wait to play with their paper lines, stamps and die cuts!

And now to the fun part.... yes.... we have 3 lucky winners! I made a few of you wait for this and i thought of pulling an additional name! Yes! that's right, If I could I would have pull all of your names... Tara-Lynn, Icecheeks and Renee (Closet Artist) please email me (see my profile for email) and send me a few digital pics to select from (I want at lease that you have a surprise when you will receive your layout) and patience I will get back to you to have you address and or make arrangement to drop you off your winning layout! Thanks to all that have participated and potentially will do this giveaway soon again!

Hugs and have a wonderful week!
Stéphanie xx

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring is in the AIR!

We had a fabulous w-end in Montreal, good times with Magali, Maxime and Loic! Great and not so great photos.... will share them soon (Stephane was not in a "Kodak" moment!) I have a photo of us.... the perfect title for it is Opposite attracts!

Leaving today with Jenn for a few days in Toronto to receive a Copic Markers certification and to participate in the Spring Event of one our suppliers!
Will be fun I'm sure!

This upcoming w-end nothing planed! Yeahhhh!
However I have a few things that I must really finish (Sophy's wedding album, ATC's to trade....)

So I'm thinking it's time to Giveaway to 2 winners a layout made by me! Last year Barb and Nathalie won the ones I was drawing and I really love playing with someone else pictures, it's a good change!

Therefore if you wish to participate leave me a comment and Sunday I will draw 2 names! Make sure to include your name if you are not a google account user!

Then I will ask to receive the photos via email and will either drop you off your page (if you are a local winner) or mail it off when it's completed!

Have a great Tuesday and enjoy the rest of your week!
Stéphanie xx

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Raised to the challenge! 3 for 3 class at The Scrapbox!

This class is perfect for all types of Scrapbookers!

Beginners you will explore Inking, Layout composition, Embossing, Painting...
OR if you love cleans lines, white space and the "Less is More" concept this is the class for you!

You will be creating these 3 layouts in 3 hours!

When: Thursday April 16 at 6pm for more details, please call the store at 613.745.2215

Have a happy Thursday!
Stéphanie xx

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St-Patty's Day!

We have a tradition at work and us the "Social Committee" we host for different "events" in the year special days! It could be Valentine's Day, Today St-Patrick's Day, Canada day or Halloween with appropriate treats (colored themed) for all employees to share! I was really happy to have my camera here today and was able to take a few pictures before the "Stampede" arrives! 200+ employees racing for the cafeteria... keep out of the way!
We also think about more healthy stuff....
We love to celebrate here with food and after all... I am 1/4 Irish.... so it's something I love to celebrate - no green beer... was accepted by our Directors!

Cheers and Hugs!
Stéphanie xx

Friday, March 13, 2009

"Baby Safari" line from Little Yellow Bicycle Acrylic Album, Sophy wedding album and a photo to share!

Beautiful day outside! A bit chilly, but that Sun is amazing!
A few little things on my agenda to share today!

"Baby Safari"- Acrylic Album! This April class will be perfect project for your precious little baby girl or boy! Yes that's right... you get to choose either a Boy or a Girl kit because the paper lines are practically identical... only the color is different!

Dates: April 3rd and 30 from 6 to 9 pm
Fee: $33 / 28 (excellent value!)
Call the store to sign up 613.745.2215

Next on my list.... Sophy's wedding album!
I'm working hard to complete a beautiful 20 pages album of their gorgeous pictures taken of their wedding in Cartagena, Colombia! This is one of the pages... just wanted to give Sophy a little preview of their special wedding day!

And last on my list for today is a picture I took last night before my class starting.... I just love prepping kits! Love the chain work and this is truly one of my favorite mini's to teach! The "Porcelain" line is so beautiful and I took the liberty to add a few extras on the table to make sure that all attending add options to match their Inks and Stickles! We were 11 in total and had tones of fun! We have a few more places available for the class #2 on Wednesday March 18th from 6 to 9pm, therefore if you wish to attend, please call the store at 613.745.2215

Have a wonderful w-end and enjoy the outdoors if you can, I think that miss Mother Nature is reserving a good one for us!
Stéphanie xx

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

2 layouts, reminder and a special friend!

And a happy Tuesday to you!

I had a great w-end! Fun, creative and relaxing!
Went cropping at the store for the Ultra pampered crop with Loulou and other ladies and had a total blast! Before I forget Cindy W last week said that my pages and projects to her were total Bling, pop and wow! I totally forgot to mention it earlier but that really made me smile!

These are the 2 pages made over the w-end, first one using lots of the Flower Patch collection of Magali and me. Love the colors and they are perfect for black and white pictures! i love how I overlapped the part of the title "remember" with the fabric tag.

The second one is of Sebastiano - my nephew. My first page of him. I guess it was the right moment... I was ready emotionally to scrap him. My sister is living with her little family in Italy and gave birth on November 1st to our first little one in the family and it makes it hard I think for all of us here to not be present in their day to day activities and to see him grow. I hope you will see this one Kiki and that you will love it. Je t'aime et j'espère que Seby va bien - ps j'ai eu ta lettre hier - bisous Xox

Love all the buttons - he is so cute smiling wile sleeping!

And to go with the layout I made a few weeks ago with the symbol of the butterfly, this time I used the little mirror bird.... Hoping to jump on his wings and be there in a flash! Also added a few bird feathers, the perfect soft touch! I used a few recycle items, the back of a paper pack and part of the packaging of the Making Memories Noteworthy Alpha's!

**** A Few places (I think 2) are left for the Basic Grey "Porcelain" class this Thursday 6 @ 9pm , if you wish to attend please call the Scrapbox at 613.745.2215. For next week class # 2 of this mini tag book a few spots are also for grabs! ****
And to complete my post today, I wanted to share a pic of me and Loulou (Louise), what a wonderful person she is. I am truly happy to have meet her through the store during one of my classes and our growing friendship is quite amazing. Thanks for the long talk at the crop and for your valuable insights on life. Merci grande soeur, je l'apprécie!

Thanks Paula for the pics.... Louise and me will have fun scrapping them!
Have a great day and soon I will post the Safari Album - retaking the pictures tonight!
And also I took a contract of doing a wedding Album for Sophy and I have a few pages to share tomorrow!
Stéphanie xx

Friday, March 6, 2009

A few things to share today!

I just love the new Flower Patch collection from Making Memories!
So fresh, beautiful colors and these days... everybody needs a touch of spring!
Here's my double page layout with the collection.

I wanted to add a little extra touch to connect both pages... I added faux stitching holes all around the edge of the central piece and a few near the separate elements! The Tim Holtz ruler and paper piercer is the perfect thing to make this happen! Make sure to visit the Scrapbox if you are in desperate need of spring... Jenn has the full collection!

I wanted also to share an amazing Etsy store that I found yesterday on my lunch break! This little gem called Devine Rose ! Wow! This Australia store mixes the old with the new and her pieces of jewelry are breathtaking! Ohhhh.... I would just love to have them all or to shop with her and find these precious and exquisite vintage elements!

Bonus.... I have notice that shipping is free at this time! Make sure to stop buy, maybe something would just brighten your day!

And to conclude my little Friday sharing post (Rach I miss yours...) wanted to say Thanks to Rach for my precious little ATC that I received last weekend! Love it! It is the perfect symbol of my year journey to find Balance and to Simplify. Thanks darling, it's just perfect and hope you will feel better soon!

Ohhhh and I took a few pictures yesterday of the completed LYB Baby Safari album (now at the store)but with the lights the glare was really bad and I will need to take them again with natural light, therefore project to follow-up on my blog over the w-end!

Enjoy your Friday, take time for you over the w-end and create! Would love to see what you have made over the w-end! Just send me a link...!
Stéphanie xx

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A few pics from our Vicki retreat!

If you wish to have a full on details of our w-end and even more pictures... make sure to visit Laurie's blog.... she really did a fabulous resume!

Wanted to thank Katie, Rach and Laurie for our great quality time that we had... from the bottom of my heart.

Vicki you are a fabulous girl... creative, funny and ohhh so cute! Thanks also for the amazing workshops, see you in a few weeks in Toronto!

Prepping my ATC's - 28 in total - 10 steps/techniques!!!!
(See result in previous post!) Roommates #1 - Spending all w-end with you Katie was a blast!
Sorry for snoring! Roommates #2 - Rach and Laurie!
Rachel, Vicki and Laurie!
Katie, Vicki and me!
Fun photo shot.... first picture and 15 down the road...
look at the last one bellow!
Loving my new Friend Karen - Good picture of us!!! Xox
Ahhhhhhh the week is almost over!
I have completed my Little Yellow Bicycle - Baby Safari Girl - and will drop it to Jenn after work.
Will post pictures probably tomorrow!
Plans for this w-end you ask???? Cropping all day at the Scrapbox - Ultra Pampered Crop - with my friend Loulou ! Can't wait darling! {insert here: with a small interruption at diner time to go to the Sugar Bush activity with Stephane's work colleagues}
Sunday it's still undecided what we will be doing! Maybe more scrapping!
Stéphanie xx

Monday, March 2, 2009

A w-end recap!

Even if i was really sick.... we had tones of fun!
Creating was more a challenge this w-end I was really low in energy.

However managed to do 2 single page layouts for the store (1 double to finish tonight * started but not completed), 28 ATC's and one of the Vicki's project her Chatterbox Mini album that was really fun to do! Added a few Stephanie's touches and once the pictures are in will that pics!

The layouts are created with Katie's pictures (Thanks again for sharing your niece with me!). They were just perfect for the Making Memories Flower Patch Collection!

And here are a portion of my 28 ATC's that I have made over the w-end! Can you count the numbers of steps and techniques I used? 10!!! Ripped part of the corrugated box, Modpoge a piece of a French vintage book, once dry Modpoge tissue paper, Again once dried added Gesso, Punched the Scallop circle with metallic cardstock, embossed with cooper embossing powders the butterfly, added a touch of distressing inks on the edge of the scalloped circle, added crystal lacquer on the butterfly and once it was dried made the few extra stitched holes and assembled with the pin and the gaffer tape!
If you would have seen them at the beginning.... they came a long way!
These will be swapped with the Girls at the Scrapbox, with the Bad Girls - ATC Swap #2 and a few extras were given as a "thank you" to Rach, Vicki and Angie over the w-end! Catherine you will also receive one of these ones... soon!

Thanks Girls (Katie, Laurie and Rach) for the amazing w-end! Karen and Melinda it was also really great to spend time with you girls!
Hugs and happy Monday!
Stéphanie xx