Thursday, March 27, 2008

Suzane's Shadow box

Suzanne's gave me this picture a few + months ago... and was finally able to finish her project this ast w-end. She part of my group of friends that will be present @ Navcan and wanted to have it completed for her as a surprise!

I was able to take pictures of the final project with the natural light. This w-end she will be giving me her wedding picture to also display in a shadow box. I hope she likes it!... It's not going to be a surprise anymore... if she comes and visit my blog!

Have a great w-end... I'm off to pack!

Upcoming w-end @ Navcan

Just wanted to pop by and say that I can't wait to go with all my close friends at Navcan this w-end! Leaving tomorrow around 7am to meet up with Mellisa and we will ride there together! We will be missing our ya.ya Katie but will make it up soon @ your place or one of ours for some great scrappin fun before the baby pops out!

I have lots on my TO DO LIST... mostly I wanted to scrap all my favorite pictures taken in the past years on a 6 X 12 format! Can wait to take new pictures... Spring is here... Finally I will be able to take good pictures outside, it's so gloomy and non inspiring currently!

Tonight if I have time to take pictures, I have a shadow box that I made for my friend Suzane! If it's not tonight... I will update back on Sunday or Monday with all my little creations!


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

*** EDITED ***Answers for Natallie in Australia!

*** Edited***Answers from your last post Natallie

White words also come in black and pink are from Heidi Swapp called "Silouhette words" released at lease 2 years ago on the market, but still probably available. It's not a rub-on or a sticker it's more like a thin transparencies pre-cut with something printed on.

Bling words 2 source: Heidi Swapp again (yes I'm a fan of her products) and Mambi "Me and My Big Ideas".

Hope this helps!

First thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment/question! Love giving my little secrets or scoops...where I found something cool!

The flowers are mostly Prima's (the big bulky ones) and in the last pages "Celebrate life's moments" I used some from Making Memories (the felt ones). As for the "bling".... different sources! Some are Heidi Swapp (frames or lines) and swirls are from Prima. Certain ones that are really smaller like on "Sassy friends" or the black ones on my Making Memories Guest Designer Layout "Believe in yourself and the beauty of our friendship" are from art supply store that we have here in Canada called "De Serres" it use to be called - Omer De Serres in French or Loomis in English.

I hope this helps!
Take care

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

True Friends...

Last week I went and visited my dear Ya.Ya Katie
and was inspired by the colors of the new big girl room that her daughter Kayleigh will be having soon! Last night I wanted to use that color combo to do a layout and this is what I made! Thanks Katie for the inspirational colors and sending a big hug and love your way!

Tonight... I'm printing my pictures for my upcoming w-end @ Navcan and then it's packing my stuff... and I'm truly trying to pack extra light this time!


Saturday, March 22, 2008

My favorite color combo!

Almost 7 years, I left one of my greatest passions... the art of flowers. To be more precise, I didn't really technically left the flowers, but more the profession. I was a florist for 5+ years during college and university. It remains my favorite job and it really made me happy like scrapbooking does for me now! Playing with colors, styles, textures both are very similar. I really miss it, however I'm very grateful to continue to push my creative juice in a different medium. When I completed this layout, it really made me think of when I was makings flower arrangements and the colors that would make my eyes smile!

Enjoy your w-end!

And we have a lucky winner!!!!

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Congratulations brn2srap (Nathalie), you're the lucky winner for my Making Memories goodies! Sorry for the late announcement, I'm just back from Watertown after a evening of shopping! Must go to bed... it's really past my bed time!!!! (3:26am)

brn2scrp said... What an honour - and you are totally deserving of it! I just love your work. Seeing your LO on the MM blog was cool, and seeing all the ya-yas in the picture was pretty cool too!March 21, 2008 9:03 AM

Make sure to send me an email to with your address and I will send you your blog candy!

Thanks to all of you that came and visit my blog and also to the Making Memories blog and I truly hope that I will hear from you soon in some upcoming posts and I will make sure to visit you also... I found a bunch of ladies that really had great blogs and full of talent!

This past week, I made a layout and will post it tomorrow morning. It's the same pictures from (Remeber this beautiful moment)but in colors and use my favorite color combo!

OK... my bed is really calling me and need to get some rest!
Hugs and thanks again for all the wonderful comments that where left.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Guest Designer at Making Memories and little give a way!!!

Today it's the big day! I was so happy to be asked to create a layout and to be the featured as a guest designer! I submitted 2 projects and this was the one that they selected! You can now view my debut on the Making Memories blog and here!

Instructions to complete the layout:

1. Select a mix of 4 different pattern papers from either the same line or mix and match.
2. Cut photo to seize. Adhere to chipboard. Set aside.
3. Trim papers to size the following sizes:
Edge Blue, Noteworthy: cut down to 7.25”
Lined, Funky Vintage: 9” x 5”
Flocked, Funky Vintage - Lizzie: 5.5” x 5”
Sparkle dot, Garden Party: 8.25” x 1”
4. Sand edges of photos and pattern paper except Edge Blue.
5. Use Stamping Up tab punch and punch along cut side of the Edge Blue paper. 6. Select coordinating trims and ribbons. Cut to desired length.
7. Attach papers and ribbons to cardstock.
8. Attach clip, ribbon, etc. to photo.
9. Adhere to layout your photo.
10. Apply “scroll” rub-on.
11. Add title.
12. Add bling strips to edges of the photo.
13. Using your 6” Making Memories acrylic ruler and paper piercer punch hole into pattern paper.
14. Add brads and staples.
Et voilà!

And now for the give a way... all my favorites to complete a beautiful layout! The rules are simple... if you want to get the chance and win...leave a comment on both places! I can't make it to easy....! I will pick the winner at the end of the day Friday!

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you soon again!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tomorrow is the big day!

Just wanted to post a reminder that tomorrow is the big "Making Memories" day!
Make sure to come and visit... I will have a rak posted and the link to the Making Memories blog. The rules are... if you want to get the chance and leave a comment on both places! I can't make it always to easy....! I will pick the winner at the end of the day Friday!

And... for those that can't really wait.... here's a little sneak peak.... of a little part of my layout!!!!


Monday, March 17, 2008

I was Tagged!

Here's my 7 Random Facts about Me... Thanks Rachel !!!!

1. Stephane and I met on the internet more than 4 years ago and happy that we can each other share your common interests. I became a Nascar fan because of him and I watch races even when he's not in the house... I know my drivers, sponsors and car numbers for the large majority of the teams. On his side...he scrappbooked a total of 16 pages since he started a few years ago and is always there to help me with a project to invent tools to help me drill accurate holes or give me advise.... even if it's only good for "another page".

2. My little sister Karoline lives in Italy since almost 3 years... and miss her tremendously.

3. My cat gives the paw, high 5's on both hands and tells us in which hand is the treat.. all Stephane's doing!

4. Can't stand any type of gum that is Watermelon flavor, but love the real stuff.

5. I always put ice in my milk... Can only drink it when it's really cold...I not sure when this started....

6. When I make French Toast at home... mine needs to be done with the "ends" of the loaf of bread.... don't like it when it's mushy.

7. Went to see Pink Floyd in September 1994 at the Montreal Olympic Stadium, the 3 and last concert and still enjoy listening to them!

And...... We have some winners!!!!!!

Yes... if you read the title of the post... an extra "s" was added to the word winner... I'm feeling generous and wanted to push my creative juices... therefore I decided to pick 2 lucky winners today!

I'm so happy to announce that Nathalie and Barb won the "Win a layout made by me" contest! A big Thanks to all the ladies that participate and make sure to come back and visit my blog on the 20th of this week... if you leave a comment on the Making Memories blog and also on my blog I will put all your name in a big bowl and draw one lucky winner (pictures of the rak will be posted on the 20th)!

Nathalie and Barb please send me a "couple" of your selected pictures to my email (could be same event or a selection of different shots/events). Please send your pictures to the email listed in my "View my complete profile"! Can't wait to see what you will send me and will work on your special layouts during my upcoming w-end @ Navcan (March 28-29-30)! Will reveal the layout when I come back and then organize to send you your layout! Make sure to tell me what size of layout you want (12 X 12, 9 X 9...6 X12... 8 ½ X 11...)What ever size makes you happy! Also please add information such as dates/names... and other information that could help me create the layout!

Congrats and have a great week!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Let the fun begin!

To prepare my "debut" as a Guest Designer on the Making Memories blog on March 20th, I wanted to do something fun just for YOU!

If you want to play... make sure to leave a comment and I will draw a name from the ones that would like to receive... A LAYOUT MADE BY ME! I like creating and giving... and I thought that this would be a perfect way to do it! Therefore if you want to jump on the "Hayride" (my own expression to say "Jump on the BANDWAGON"...) make sure to leave me a comment prior to Saturday morning! The person selected will just need to send me an email with a selection of pictures to scrap! I would like to keep it a surprise for you... and that way you will not know what I will create!
Also, make sure to come back next week, on the 20th... I will have a little Rak to give away!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Remember this beautiful moment

I wanted to scrap this photo since a long time now and finally finished the layout yesterday night. I have a second copy in color and will give it a try also... This was taken when my sister visited us this past November from Italy.
In order: Geneviève, my brother's girlfriend, my sister Karoline, Me and my Mom!

Saturday, March 8, 2008


A perfect day to play and give my blog a fresh new look! A few thing to adjust but it's almost there!

Friday, March 7, 2008

It's time for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT !!!!

Now that the date is confirmed, I am finally able to share my great scoop!

On March 20th, I will be the Guest Designer on the Making Memories blog ! Love, LOVE... LOVE their products!!! A few weeks ago, they made a call looking for special guest designers to be featured on every Thursday during the month of March and I was selected! Let me tell you... I was so trilled and happy about it!

Last weekend I created 2 layouts with almost 100% Making Memories products and here's one of them and next week I will show sneak peaks of the one they selected! So make sure to come back and visit during the next weeks, because I will have something fun just for you... it's all about sharing!!!!!
Have a great w-end!
Hugs Stéphanie

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A working progress!

I started this one @ the Embrun crop on the 23rd... was able to complete it last w-end! Love the "Glitter ART" glitter, so iridescent! Used again the Jenni Bowlin kit to complete it + my one little extra embellishments! Thanks Rachel for the hummy vintage papers... what a great complement to my layout! Can't wait to put my hands on trims, buttons and other types of papers!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Tomorrow's Treasures - Navcan weekend!

What a great w-end!
So happy to see familiar faces and meet new ones! truly a great group of ladies. Thanks Magali for coming down from Montréal to send the w-end with me - merci à tes hommes de te laisser partir pour le w-end. Jane it was really great to know you more, thanks for the ride and for the great music on the way home. It was great to share the tables with you ladies! Lynn and Janet it was a pleasure to have spent time with both of you and thanks for the letting me become a well balance "honey bee" and to open the door! Can't wait to see both really soon and scrap together again. Emma and Laura from Auntie Em's were also present and was also happy to spend some time with them. Pattie won the favorite layout contest - Round layout of her and her father, beautiful work. I was happy to meet Paula ( she does the Brockville store windows display, beautifull work again with the Xmas tree), Kim and Leslie, they were a fun group of ladies to eat with during the w-end!

It was also great to spend some time with Vicki Boutin and to have the chance to get feedback and direction from her. Her mom is also a fabulous person and what a well accomplish scrapbooker she is. Angie and Debbie really did a great job to keep us entertained and with the store filled up with lots of new products, it was a great event! Hope you will be having a restful week you deserve it ladies!

Here's one of the layout I did this w-end... with the Jenni Bowlin
kit. I added a few personal touches... Really happy with it and during the next days I will post more of my pages.
Well it's becoming a long post... but wanted to take time and share my great w-end!
Have a great week!