Monday, August 24, 2009

A scrapping w-end!

What a great w-end!

Friday night it was a delight to spend it with Katie at the store and the ladies and we cropped till passed 1am.... The following day Rach was added to our group and we had a great time the 3 of us. Yesterday was cleaning /organizing "part 1" and from 1h45 to 9pm I attacked (with interruptions wile watching a bit of TV and prepping diner) part of the living room.

Here is what I have created over the weekend.... my first pages of Stephane and his new Star Wars passion. The 2 pages are both plain white cardstock. This one...." Lucky Girl" I stamped with Glimmer mist and bubble packing and redefined them with the paint brush, then a layer of acrylic paint and completed with stamp "bottle drink bottle and cap" with India ink.

I wanted one side more masculine for Stephane and my side a mix of more feminine items....

Love the grey tones, all the embellishments
***Click on pictures to make them bigger***

This one I used once again glimmer mist but applied it with a brayer, then massive coats of crackle paint with one section with crystal lacquer on top ( under the 8852 * this is Stephane TK ID, all 501st member as 1 # that will follow them for ever and no one else can have that #), used a stamp for the dot circle and then used the wood tip of the paint brush to defined them with paint.

The title is a mix of rub-ons.... "Super Hero throughout the year" -
just perfect!

Stephane was so so so happy with both the layout, especially this one....
he wants it in a shadow box and in his Star Wars room!

Take time to smell the flowers - First official family visit 1 year after moving here to Ottawa - May 2002 - my bother missing on action!

I started this one at the last crop - was not completed, now I am happy with it.

# 1 BOY

This one also was started at a past crop, but was missing a few items, love the little monkey brad... not saying that Loic is a little monkey, just thought that the big smile of the little silly friend was perfect to complete the layout!

Thanks Katie and Rach for a great scrapping w-end!

Also a big thanks to the scrapbox "back of the studio" girls - it's always a blast spending some time with all of you... Kathy, Liz, Lorrie and Nancy - Cindy loo we were missing you!

Have a great week all!
Stéphanie xx

Friday, August 21, 2009

yeah it's Friday!

Happy Friday!
Well the weekend is here and I am so happy about that!
I wanted to share a pick of the Scrapbox girls, wearing proudly our new aprons! Want one, call the store to get the info!

I am so happy to report that I will be scrapping tonight with Kataroo at the store and tomorrow Rach will be also joining us! I can't wait!A fun w-end with my girls and then Sunday - cleaning up part 1 and getting ready for our Toronto trip!

Have a fabulous w-end and once again - enjoy it, not sure if Mr Sun will be with us, if so... enjoy the pool and all the fun summer activities... I can't even imagine that in 10 days September starts.
Stéphanie xx

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last night Saint Brigid's Centre for the Arts and Humanities Book Signing event!

The 501st Capital City Squad were asked directly by Kevin J. Anderson (Science Fiction author) last night to participate at his book singing event with co-author Brian Herbert promoting their new book The Winds of Dune.

Yesterday: ~ 42°c with humidex! Must I say more.... Hot, Sticky and Humid!
Amazing evening, meeting both authors, taking good pictures, 4 hours with Stephane and his buddies, suiting up to participate in the most closed up bucket of all the Star Wars costumes....

Needing a bit of air, to cool my self after a few minutes with the big red "bucket"
It almost looks like Stephane and I just got married.... walking out of the church doors...

Happy hubby at the end of the troop!

It was also great meeting an amazing photographer John W MacDonald, responsible for taking pictures during the Writers Festival events, wow I have been lurking his blog since this morning... wow stunning photos!
No Scrapbooking to share, but Star Wars is now part of my day to day activities and boy it's fun!
Stéphanie xx

Monday, August 17, 2009

Shadow or Neyo!

Well in 7 to 8 weeks we will be welcoming a little fur ball at home!

So so so happy! I had the chance this weekend to hold him, 1 week old, all grey with maybe a few white spots or tiger stripes not sure yet he is too small! Totally forgot my camera... Usually I don't leave home without it, so I guess we will need to go visit him maybe next Sunday to take a few pictures!

Stephane said "I guess we will have a new Star Wars action figure at home!!!!!" His future name is still not decided.... Choice #1: Shadow for the black costume troopers. I liked the "Stéphanie, Stephane and Shadow..." OR #2 Neyo for Commander Neyo.... So I have some major cleaning / clearing up to do and I think it was the perfect kick in the but. We lost Maya on August 23 of last year, so this will bring lots of joy back to our home.

Yesterday I was really "emotionally" ready to do my layouts for the All about me series "my pet" featuring Maya. I was picking up the photos since 2 weeks and it was to hard, tearing up every time, big ball in chest, just not working for the mojo! It will be in this week newsletter, therefore will be able to share it after!

What a hot day yesterday it was! After taking 3 showers in the day, I manage to have a semi descent night of sleep!

Enjoy your week, soon some pics, layouts and creative stuff to share!
Stéphanie xx

Friday, August 14, 2009

Yeah it's Friday!

OK... so noting really new on my side...

Was a busy w-end, with going to the hospital with Katie, a crop at the store.... I did my portion of a small gift for Anya (will take pictures soon) + an 6" x 12" layout! That's it..... Sunday I just did NOTHING and it felt good!

This week was a good busy one too.... Tuesday went to the movies with Katie and Karen, due to a Air Conditioning issue with the specific movies that we were going to see (Julie & Julia), we went and saw again The Ugly Truth.... ohhhh so good! We had a great time and Katie thanked me with my one copy of the Wreck this journal.... wow the perfect tool for a perfectionist like me, to get it dirty and messy will be fun!

Wednesday went to the store to kit my class of tonight - Summer Greeting Cards - and stamped at home all the flower images needed and prepared a Copic chart with color variations, was fun to make!

Yesterday night I worked at the store during Tammy's class until 10pm and tonight... all 13 of us will have fun, coloring and creating the lovely cards!

I will be teaching my - Sweet Memories - layouts of my "Grand maman" and family at the store!
Tones of fun techniques, loaded with yummy products and just beautiful soft colors.
The double page is also featured the BG website in the Gallery under my name!

Right page "Main page" Wednesday August 16 @ 6pm ($30/$27) * only a few spots left
Left page Wednesday August 30 @ 6pm ($27/24)

Have a great w-end!
Enjoy your pool if you have one, it will be a "HOT" weekend!
Stéphanie xx

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August classes - All about me #4 and Card class

Here are my 2 classes from the month of August at the Scrapbox!

All about me #4 "Take me back to the prom" is also a perfect double page layout for your wedding pictures, new beginnings or a precious moment that you wish to remember. If you aren't able to make it, I will be happy to make a kit for you to put together the layouts at your leisure.

Thursday August 6 at 6pm - Only 1 place left
Thursday August 20 at 6pm - we have spaces available for that night.

Perfect for everyday greeting cards, this trio of summer lovely cards would be a treat to send or receive for any occasion. Learn new techniques with the Liquid Pearls from Ranger and the fabulous Copics! Sign up now by calling the store at 613.745.2215

Friday August 14 at 6pm - a few spots left!
Cost: $29 / $25

Have a wonderful Wednesday!