Friday, January 30, 2009

Quick yesterday recap!

I droved with Stephane to Montreal around 1 to assist the taping of "Tout le monde en parle" at Radio Canada! What a great time we had!

My brother also announced to us that he is "moving up the lather" (was a Security Guard since the past 5 years) and now he will become part of the crew that are moving and setting up all the studio's stages, props and equipment... therefore being a part of the Radio Canada big family! I'm really happy for him, but sad at the same time because it was for him his last time on that set in that function! He was the "casual" security guard with the audience since the past 3 years 1/2. Some Sunday I was fortunate enough to see him on TV if the camera was on the perfect angle!

So this Sunday, major competition to the Superbowl... Stephane, Magali, Maxime and me we will probably be on TV in the back of Danny Turcotte the co-host. For my English readers, this is probably not a major excitement, but this show is really one of the best talk show ever for French TV! We were also fortunate enough to have received an extended tour of all the different studios set (Virginie and Auberge du Chien Noir), costume, decor and props depots, news sections, and so much more. It's a maze (OK my bothers works there since more than 5y and knows the place by heart), but he prepared us a little schedule and presented us to is security guard colleagues and staff and basically to what we never see on TV!

In the corridors we were lucky to see and sometime "ambush" and shake a few hands...of the following: Jean-René Dufort, Celine Galipeau, Michel Barette, Jici Lauzon, Soeur Angèle and Pierre Lebeau.

Great set for this upcoming Sunday: Patrick Huard, Karine Vanasse with Denis Villeneuve for the movie "Polytechnique", Mara Tremblay, Richard Martineau and Jean-Francois Mercier!

This Sunday on "French" Radio Canada at 8pm (ottawa channel 5 and Montreal channel 4!) you may just see us in the back ground!

A few pictures to come (technically not supposed to take pictures) but we did for the total purpose of scrapbooking take just a few!

Have a great w-end!
For me... a few change of plans... tonight teaching the make and take for the ATC swap and diner out with my Ya-ya's minous 1, Rach sendding you a big hug... Tomorrow teaching the class of the month and a few extra hours in the store, Sunday Superbowl sunday's at Mellisa and Kevin! I guess I will only rest the next w-end!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Friday's ATC's!

When i decided to on my concept for January's ATC's for the swap at the store (When: This Friday the 30th @ 5pm - Where: the Scrapbox) I wanted to inspire a thought or 2.... to leave a little mark... with a special word or quote. Always good when you start a new year to have something to live for or to work on or just remember the positives that surrounds us....

I use these great rub-ons from Daisy Bucket and kept my ATC's simple, but with one of my favorite thing.... a fabric brad!

They are all unique with something to remember during the upcoming year... And that's why they are called "Always Grow".

Enjoy your day! With all the nice white stuff coming down on us, drive safe!
Stéphanie xx
And for those that checked my blog yesterday, craving that famous post that I was going to do... sorry, got lots of things happening and ran out of that precious thing...called TIME! ;)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Righ Now... Righ here! "Street Smarts" by me!

Ahh well title.... after looking at it... should have been Righ here, Righ now... Total Boy! I know that's it's more ofther "All Boy", but wanted the word total for the title! Also looking at the layout since this AM (brought it at work to take the pics over lunch) and tonight I will add a circle arround the pictures with brads and I think a little bit of stiching! Love this line called "Street Smarts" by Heidi Swapp, very boy and great colors to play with the photo's that I have of Loïc!

Woooo la!
Almost no post last week, but 2 for today!
See you back probably tomorrow!
Stéphanie xx

2 PG LO "Vintage" class - Wednesday Feb, 25th from 6 to 9pm

Keeping with February's 'Vintage' theme at the Scrapbox, I made this 2 PG LO class from the lovely Crate Paper collection called "Prudence". Join me on Wednesday Feb 25 at 6 and you will create this lovely 2 pager to showcase your past or cherished love ones. Add Bling, lovely ribbon and lace, a dazzling flower by Prima, what a great class! To reserve a spot please call the store at 613-745-2215!

Have a happy Monday!
Stéphanie xx

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Making Memories "Love Notes" mini chipboard album

This class will be held on Friday Feb 13 at 6pm! Project features the limited run of Making Memories 'Love Notes' along with grungeboard, Rusty Pickle and Scenic Route Heart Chipboard along with lots of other yummy embellishments and ribbons! Showcase ALL your love ones in this beautiful hand held album!

If you want to attend, please call the store at 613-745-2215 or send an email to Jenn at: - Due to product limitations - Limited edition class - !

Hugs & Love,
Stéphanie xx

Layout = good currency for a gambling dept!

A few months ago Jenn and I were having a little common discussion ( I can't remember the subject) and basically we were both sure of our answer.... We decided with the famous handshake, that once we figure out the answer, one or the other would have to make a layout to the "winner" of the correct answer. Well it looks like I didn't win and here's the layout I created for her during the past weekend.

A picture that her mom took of Jenn, brother, cousin and grand mother. A picture dear to her heart and under the picture I left a special place for her to journaling about that special moment, that day....oh happy day! (FYI title changed to day and not days) The 7 gypsies hinges are perfect to use for this type of hidden journaling! + all my favorites: paper clips and pin, vintage lace, velvet brown ribbon, prima flower, bling.... Tim Holtz tags!

I truly hope Jenn that you love your, next on my plate (layout need to be in Mell's hand on the superbowl day....) yes I lost another bet... last year team that I had selected lost the superbowl and Mellisa 2 years in a row won the winning layout!

Have a great Tuesday!
Stéphanie xx

Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Simplify and Balance" my new blog banner!

Since last w-end I wanted to change my blog banner to represent my new words for 2009. Stephane and I worded our magic to update it, he really loves to play on photoshop!!! Was up at 11 am.... ouf that's really really late if you know me, but I really needed it! Now we are getting ready to make our breakfast and RELAX for the day! Well for me.... I will be scrapbooking, but it's always a fun and relaxing!

Enjoy your Sunday!
Stéphanie xx

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy B-day Mellisa!

I wanted to wish you all my best wishes and a happy year to come filled up with amazing and precious moments! Bonne Fête Mellisa!
Stéphanie xx

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's wednesday!

Happy middle of the week!
In Ottawa the current temperature is -26°c and if we add the wind chill to that... a lovely and chilly -38°c! Therefore bundle up if you need to go out!

Since I made my Heidi Swapp Mirror album (speaking of which I will be teaching class # 2 this Saturday at the store) I just can say that grey is one of my favorite new neutral color!

This past weekend I created these 2 following layouts using the Little Yellow Bicycle paper line Love Letters! What a great line! Lot's of grey, nothing to complain about that!

For the first layout I have also added pins, trims, Heidi Swapp black velvet flower and bling and one of my grand mother's brooch at the center of the flower. All other products are from LYB. I love just the small simple title on top of the circle transparency.

For this one I wanted to make the opposite... a really big title! i finally used (was keeping it in my stash) the big Basic Grey chipboard letters and one of my favorite product from Heidi Swapp her Silhouettes! Sue at the crop was reminding me of my collection and decided to use one!

Enjoy your day and hope you stay warm!
Stéphanie xx

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

72 hour Challenge!

Over on Bad Girls Wendy is hosting a challenge and I decided to participate!
Here's my layout that i did last night!

You needed to include at least the following:
1. An Owl or a Bird
2. Anything with Glitter
3. Flowers
4. Any kind of Frame
5. Lace
6. At least 3 different types of Patterned Paper


Later or tonight I will post my layouts that I was taking about yesterday from Little Yellow Bicycle!
Have a great afternoon!
Stéphanie xx

Monday, January 12, 2009

Simplify and Balance

Simplify: V - (transitive) To make simple, either by reducing in complexity, reducing to component parts, or making easier to understant.


Balance: A state of equilibrium.

Not for nothing that I picked 2 words for 2009... Simplify and Balance!
This is page #2 for the previous post about my 2009 "Words"!

Need to simplify... less is more... Make less options and take action (that's the sens I was going for). This would make my life easier in all aspect!

And balance, to gain balance in my life style (food), balance betwin the "real job" and my "scrapbooking job", to have an equal balance for my personal work and the one for my LSS and teaching and keep time for me and Stephane!

Happy Monday!
Stéphanie xx
Tomorrow will be sharing 2 pages made with the amazing
Little Yellow Bicycle line: Love Letters! One page is all Grey and Black with a small touch of white! Love it!

Friday, January 9, 2009

I played last night!

Oufff.... it feels so good!
I just love this line from Crate paper "Mia"....!

I am following the trend that ALi Edwards started a few year ago... to pick one little word that symbolize what you want to achieve during the upcoming year. This is the left page of the double page layout that I want to create. Tomorrow I will work on the right page {insert here: I really have a challenge to do double page layout and wanted to push myself with this one}. My word is not totaly decided yet, I really want to pick the one that I want to set as a year goal.

I am really happy with this one and used all my favorite things: Bling, Word Pebble & Flowers by Prima, tones of ribbon, mini stickers from Making Memories, stick pin by Heidi Grace and amazing key by Tim Holtz!

And the best find ever is the glittered leaves that are on my layout! Went to Michaels yesterday and went through the Sales bins from the Xmas stuff (70 to 80% off) and just grabbed a bunch of some nice glittered foliage! They are in plastic and flat so it's the perfect touch to add to a layout!

Happy Friday!
Enjoy your w-end!
I'm cropping all day at the store tomorrow... I just can't wait! If you are in the area make sure to stop by and visit!
Stéphanie xx

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

ohhhhhhh ATC's are adictive!

Last night I didn't have time to start something new... but wanted to add a special Stephanie touch to my "Peach Blossoms" kit over on Bad Grils and decided to add a little ATC to each of them! It's the one that's says Enjoy... the perfect touch to my kits! I went bravely at lunch to the post office to mail them to Elizabeth, she should receive them in the next 5 to 7 business days!

The second ATC (blue, green, brown and cream) is for another swap over on Bad Girls. Mellisa is hosting that one and all are now completed. I added sparkle with my star Dust pen on the lined paper, just the perfect touch! I also see that Mell inspired me with her new blog banner, the colors are really similar!

My flower collection is taking a hit, I noticed that I'm often adding flowers to my ATC's, but I can't just change my style.... I was a florist for 5 years.... so I really love to add a little dimension with them!

Ohhhhh Catherine.... sending one off to you too!

Enjoy your snowy day and if you are located in somewhere hot and humid.... just make sure to send the wind wave our way, I can't wait for spring to arrive!
Stéphanie xx

Monday, January 5, 2009

Introducing "Peach Blossoms"!

I'm participating in a Kit Swap over on Bad Girls and created this kit called "Peach Blossoms" and will be sending Elizabeth a total of 3 kits (+ I made one extra for me)! Loved making these kits and mmmmm maybe it would be something fun to do on the side....! Let's see....

Each kit contains 9 pattern papers, 1 pack of rub-ons and single Prima bling, lace and ribbon, pink butterfly clip, a mix of flowers and buttons, velvet leaves, paper clips, fabric brads, clear extras and paper tag! I hope this will make 3 Ladies really happy!

Happy Monday!
Stéphanie xx

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy new year, back home and new Scrap Resume!

Day #2 of 2009 is ending....Finally back home adjusting from not being here since almost 2 weeks... it's so good to sleep back in your own bed and just enjoy our company the 2 of us... Stephane and me!

Had lots of fun at Magali and Maxime at our annual "New Year Eve"party... Our Traditional "Raclette" for diner and new desert this year "Poire Melba", not our usual chocolate fondue... but it was delicious! Took about 800 pictures since the last 4 days, need to do a download and shorting! Amazing Future shop deal for a 16GB memory card $19.99 + tx... Endless possibilities for pictures!

And one good thing happened today on the creative front, I finally updated/uploaded my Scrap Resume!!! With the good help of Stephane, my Resume is now complete! Love the banner!

Now... it's almost midnight, so it's time to catch a few Zzzzzz!
Stéphanie xx