Thursday, June 21, 2007

So much to do.... so little time!

I'm still alive, just really busy!

I'm trying to finish my application for the contest Scrapbooker of the year with the CK magazine.... Katie gave me the good kick you know where.... for us to submit together! We went last week at Staples to color copy our LO's and reduce them. Yesterday I finaly glue them down, I need to do my list of supplies for each LO's and do a one page essay.... (oufffff I'm really cracking my brain on this one, to do something cool and good!)

Will have new updates of my other stuff next weeks!
Wish me luck!
xx ;)


Rachel Tops AKA "Doodlebug4444" said...

You don't need luck my sweets, you have raw beautiful talent!!! I adore you!


barb said...

woooohoooo! congrats to you and Katie for doing this. I will be cheering for both of you guys. :D