Wednesday, February 6, 2008

One year in the making - Super Bowl LO for Mellisa!

One year ago in January 2007, it was our first get together @ Mell's and kevin's place to watch the Super Bowl as a group. Well let me clarify this... the boys are watching the full thing and Mell and I we are only watching the commercials! We wanted to make it fun for us 2, therefore we decided to beat on one or the other team and then the looser would have to do something else for the winner! Well last year Mellisa won and this is what I made for her and gave it to her... yes a year later (as we have the respectable delay of a year to complete the project!) And ask me who won this year.... Yes it was Mell again! So happy that I didn't put any $$$ money on the game - so beter to give something from the heart! So happy to have on my To do list ... a something-something for her for the next Super Bowl in 2009!


Kataroo said...

awesome awesome awesome, I love this LO

Mellisa said...

Yes - it hangs nicely in my house like a trophy!!! LOL

I love it, ma belle. Merci.

Rachel Tops AKA "Doodlebug4444" said...

THIS ROCKS Steph!!!!!! Just gorgeous!