Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Touch of Magic!

Last week was really a hectic week!

So happy that it's over! Retired my Fa la la class after teaching it 3 times! Wow.... it was a really popular acrylic book and happy that everyone that took the class loved it! A big thanks for Mellisa for picking up some necessary tools to complete the last class... Merci darling!

Saturday was my Xmas party at work, we had lots of fun and Sunday we took it easy! Yesterday both Stephane and I were sick and stayed home. I also had to bring my car to the garage after trying to start it many times during the day... my battery was "capout"! And they changed my gas trap so now I don't need to open my truck every single time that I need to put gas! yeah... it was under warranty!

I managed to create 1 page Sunday.... ouffff it felt good! I almost finished all my Xmas cards, now I need to signed them and mail them out.

Have a happy week, hope that the freezing rain that we will have will not be to bad for driving!

St├ęphanie xx

Yes.... I know again this picture, but i truly love it and can't keep my self from scrapping it!


Diva Loca said...

gorgeous layout! use that pic baby - it's a great one!!!
hope you are feeling better

Louise Dubord said...

Wooooooo la Madame! I was wondering what was happening to you. I thought maybe an APB - She has disappeared! I am sorry to hear you were sick, I hope you get better soon.
Love love that layout and that picture is so beautiful, you can use it as much as you like!

Kataroo said...

I am in love with this LO

Catherine said...

I love this, every single thing about it! Hope you're feeling better today!

Lynette said...

Gorgeous layout...

barb said...

I love that picture... and yes, if it were MY photo, I'd be using it over and over again too. :)