Thursday, November 11, 2010

Little update!

Well it looks like I am having problems trying to update my blog... lately. TIME TIME TIME - is an option that I don't have on my hands right now! So for those following me, have patience, I am trying to get back to on the "Hayride" (Jump on the Bandwagon)! Mellisa Frances - weekend WAS FABULOUS, don't want to rub it in for those that didn't have the chance to come and take the classes or even visit at the Scrapbox on wheels store... She's a fabulous women, with a powerful message to pass as a Brest Cancer Survivor and I had really a great time. It's great to be on the other side of the fence a couple of time a year - Receiving a class and not teaching. I am really grateful for my experience! Need to find time to finish my projects! Last night was my class of the month for the "All About Me Series" - Bellow is the layout, 14 ladies joined me and we had a blast and they are all coming back for the December edition of it! So happy! Sold out - project to come after the w-end!
The Scrapbox is celebrating 3 years of business! Happy to report that we have a week of Celebrations happening at the "Box", my home away from home! After 2 years & half of teaching and creating for the store, I must say that we have carved a great place for creative women to scrap and have just a great time! Make sure to visit Jenn's Blog for more details of the many ways to win prizes or on a various sales of the week! Cheers to many years to come!

Cropping this weekend! YEAH! working on my projects for December (All About Me & my Xmas Album) My ideas are buzzing and can't wait to get right into the creative process!

Last note: It's Remembrance Day today, take time to remember those fallen and their families and are peace keepers.


St├ęphanie xx

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