Thursday, April 28, 2011

On a Thursday morning - Random little things!

Trying to find a blog routine is not always easy! Do you have tricks.... please share! It's the "time" factor that I find sometimes hard to manage! Ever ending battle! So I thought to share 11 random things today.... (why 11... not sure... just go with it!)

1- One year older, last Friday on Earth Day, I turned 35! That number was bugging me a bit... but now I am getting over it. My weekend was filled with great surprise! Got my first ever laptop from Stephane, he pulled "the leaving the box between the 2 front doors and ringing the door bell and running to hide" trick.... I was totally surprised and he looked at me with a little grin asking "hope you don't mind it's not wrapped...!"
2- Friday went to the States with Mag, Max & Stephane (mmmm not the best idea we ever had) {insert 3hours for a 2 km distance to cross the border}, but we were really enjoying our selves... a true Comedy Show Stephane style (for those that know how he can really play it up....), laughing at what we should anwser the custom officer when we would arrive at the gates... "mmmm... Well we had planned to go for breakfest and some shopping, but now we kinda think we only have time to have diner at the next exist and come back".... Silly questions once again, I truly think I should write a short story of crossing the border and what questions we get.... seriously.
3- Good Easter weekend at home, my parents prepared me a great birthday supper with all my favorite things. Miam miam . Love you and thank you!
4- It's official my sister is coming over from Italy this summer with her 2 little ones for 2 months! Can't wait, fun things planned for that period of time and she is even planning to come for a weekend here in Ottawa. YEAH!
5- Last night was a blast. I was teaching the first class of my Art journal series. We wanted to keep the class size more limited to 9 participant for the 3 month duration (more manageable with the supplies & tools). All 9 ladies had so much fun, "Zen moments" and pure creative bliss.... A evening full of new techniques and playing with different medium. They were all sad that the next class is in a month. We did 4 pages and finished on the dot at 9. Going in, I was a little nervous as it was my first time teaching this type of curriculum, but all went well. Found the best way to distribute paint to all - Dixie Cups! Just perfect. I think we may have a potential other series here... lets see what time reserve for us!
6- Thanks Luce for the good chat last night after the class - hope you are not too tired today and big hugs to you.
7- Creative update: Art journalling: I have to continue Sharon's Art journal I know a certain Rosa is really hoping to receive it soon (sorry for the delay).
Scrapbooking: Well I have a pile of layout that I gathered wile organizing my craft bags & room... that I found that were incomplete... like 7 or 8 of them. Good treasure to find. They are all in a nice pile right now and it's just the perfect thing when you have just a couple minutes and you are looking for something creative to do! Most of them were started at crops during the past year and I was missing stuff to complete them. Hoping to find a couple of those extra minutes over the weekend to get them finish! Classes: On my list of my May classes - I have a Card Class using vintage images that I purchased from one of my favorite etsy store. Thanks Elise. Little sweet baby angels and friends really precious. And I also have my Teresa Collins Notation Album using also the Time Pieces collection to complete.
8- Fun stuff happening at the Scrapbox in the next weeks! Our Mega crop on National Scrapbooking weekend, Scrapbox Garage Sale on the 14 (need to focus on that as it's creeping up soon) and then June 3 & 4 miss Donna Downey is coming to town and I just can't wait!
9- Spending lost of time with my sweetheart Mr. Stephane♥, May 16 is approaching too fast.
10- Received two fabulous birthday gifts from some very special girlfriends in my life. One from Loulou that registered me to Christy "She Art class" (can't wait to buckle down and do one) and one from Linda O to the "She had 3 hearts class" also from Christy Tomlinson. The perfect Creative gift! Thank you ladies!
and 11- Leaving you with a quote that my last night ladies liked: Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans....

Hugs and have a happy Thursday!


Kataroo said...

Lots of fun stuff there :) :) :) Happy Belated Birthday :)

Eklectik_diva said...

Last night was so much fun Steph! The intimidation of doing an Art Journal is slowly leaving and learning to be 'slap happy' is fun too!! Glad you love your prezzie!

Love Miss Sparkly