Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Art Journal pages

This past Saturday at the fundraiser Bust a Move crop because all of us 11 were able to be there to swap - we finally did the reveal of our Art journal pages swap! Wow - almost a year ago we started this circle swap and due to life circumstances for a great portion of us we underwent a bit a delay for the exchange portion.

Here are my pages that I created for each girl... in no particular order... Great size to create... a bit bigger for the first go.

Rachel Loves colors... Inspired but the butterfly clear die-cut I created the pages with vibrant colors! the "fun" word is also wood like Loulou's page (see bellow on how I altered it)

When I saw the vintage image of the little girl... I thought it was perfect to use for her at it's a spitting image of her daughter Emma.

She was passing the books to me in the Rotation and when she saw my own introduction pages... she really loved the vintage tea cups and had made comments on them. I knew it was a great start to what I did for her. It's actually a layer of a napkin!

The Girlfriend piece is actual wood. Love these die-cuts.... I usually inked it pink, then Crystal lacquered it and swiped some crackle paint to it.

Loved the printed image of the 2 little girls telling secrets... made me think of our great life discussions...

The die-cut sewing machine was just perfect for sweet Linda! I also used some of the Prima packaging from Flowers it was the perfect touche for the page.

This page was created the following weekend of this Inspired Wednesday page from Donna Downey. Loved to used the dimension flower ribbon and I knew that Mellisa would be all over that as well!!!!

Using some of Heather's favorite product's the Adirondack spray's & a few different Crafter's workshop stencils...

ahhhhh.... this one is very eclectic... maybe not at a first glance... but anyways.... I was at the Scrapbox for one of the crops and Jenn had a Multi Media Challenge and from a list of 22 items we needed to use half with one being mandatory: the paper clip. I was cleaver for one of them... using as stated on the list: anything from the Tim Holtz Idea.ology.... well... mmmmm lets say that Jenn was quite surprised when I actually used the packaging of the Philosophy tags...! I think I was really cleaver with that item from the list and it was perfect for Sharon!

I was told that she loved green. The heart is Donna Downey foam stamp with distress inks and added on top a layer of the Dimensional paint from Pebeo and heated up with a heat gun. Love the effect discovered years ago from Mellisa.

Et voilà! Months of work... made with all my love to my close Chicka's! Thank you ladies for all the beautiful pages that you made for me.
Stéphanie xo♥~


Kataroo said...

Beautiful Beautiful Bella!

HeatherFeather said...

Lovely! I love the explanation and thought process behind each one! Now I need to get a photo of what I did in your journal as I forgot and then I can blog mine too!

Rachel said...

LOVE that you explained everyones page ... it's a personal touch for sure .. TY for my page Stechie .. the colour is magnificent and I loved it so much!

R :)