Friday, February 2, 2007

Let's try this again....

What a week....

Last w-end was really not productive as I wanted!
I started the major cleanup in my scraproom.... (session #2 is this w-end)!
I have a deadline as my mom is visiting in a few weeks!!!!
Then I was able to do a Shadowbox (that was not on my list of "to do"....)
for some friends in Labrador city that were blessed after 6 years of trying
and finaly having invitro there twines little girls in last April and I wanted
her to have a gift of the different pictures of the past year.

For the rest on that list... NADA .... nothing more.... but one other thing...
trying desperately to Scan LO's and projects but our PC is having major issues lately and we need to completely clean it up! So this w-end is... the w-end of burning all the pictures and erasing the PC and re-installing all again! (I'm in charge of the photo part... and Stephane will be doing the rest!) If the scanning is not working... I will switch to the photo's because I really want to post some project here !

And on the creation side of my life... I need to put aside what I had plan for last week and prepare my upcoming class at Scrapbooking Café. One sketch book, one chipbord tag album and 2 LO's!

Let's see If this will be working this time!
Have a great Superbowl w-end !

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Kataroo said...

I hope the computer stuff goes well as I would love to see your work online.