Monday, March 19, 2007

Upcoming class

I wanted to shared with you one of my upcoming classes at Scrapbooking café on the 29 of March!

It is my favorite project up to now! Stephane and I worked on it. A combine effort, it was great. I am so happy that I have is full dedication to help me and I really appreciate that my spouse is backing me in this hobby/passion ! A huge thanks to Mell for guiding me in the good direction to find my inspiration and complete this project in time!

I now need to bribe Stephane to come at the class with me to drill the holes, he is truly better with is tools that me!

When i get the project back I will add some specials touches and give it away to my good friend Magali! Oup's now it's not a surprise anymore... she reads my blog ;)

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