Friday, March 16, 2007

Wall Art

2 Fridays ago I spent my evening with Katie (aka Kataroo) at her home doing my first painting...with Acrylics! I was a common project that we did together. I'm really impress with all the paintings that Katie does and her home is truly a Art Gallery! I am a proud owner of the combine work of 2 artists and it looks really perfect in our Living room. Stephane is just sad that it's not bigger and would love to have 2 sisters of that painting beside it...
The painting as a small K & S imbedded in it to commemorate this common project!
Thanks Katie for spreading your Love of painting!

FYI -> not the best pictures... I didn't have the perfect light!

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Kataroo said...

This was super fun to do!!! I love our art dates.