Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bon Jovi concert

Last fall, Stephane offered me a ticket to go with him to see Bon Jovi, what a surprise! I was spending a w-end with some of my bestfriends scrapbooking and when I came back home he surprised me with a little evening just for us! The way that he offered me the gift was the most perfectly planned.... You have to remember last season (fall 2007) Las Vegas CSI was having a series with the mini replicas of different murder scenes (ok this is only to explain... where he got the idea to rap my gift).... So in a shoe box, we build a mini Corel center (now name the Scotia Bank place where our Senetors and different event are booked)... with all the different sections of seats (red, blue, green), the mini Bon Jovi stage and sign + a little pop-up sign saying "We are here"....!!!! And the recent CD in the cover of the box. Let me tel you, yes.... Stéphane is creative and crafty, but I was so happy and was jumping up and down in the living room, a few tears and the biggest smile ever. Wow what a guy that I have!

The story continues... a few months later the week prior the big concert night... Stephane leaves for a full week of hunting. Coming back the Sunday prior our big Saturday night.... he tells me that unfortunately he didn't get anything and all the boys where going back the following w-end to hunt again... and the following phrase from him was to informe me that he was going to join them! Well... he kinda forgot your big night w/Bon Jovi... I so knew that because hunting season is only 2 big weeks that for him, that it's his little thing... is passion if you want to call it that way...

The story ends with him telling me... well invite one of your girl friends... and that's why Tanya came instead with me! OOOOhhhh we screamed, dance and acted like two reall groupies! A great night to remember and the demographics of that night was mostly all woman in their 25-30... so maybe it was better that way ;) !

Oufff I know long story to present my double layout, but hey... I needed to share it!
These pages where created @ my 2nd Navcan retreat of this spring.... Lots of yummy products again and a big thanks to Rachel for her great contributions from her stash to make my page pop like a real Rock Star!!!



Rachel Tops AKA "Doodlebug4444" said...

I FREAKIN LOVE THIS LO!!!!!!! Seriously LOVE it!!!


barb said...

I love this LO... what a GREAT page... fabulous photos and just a wonderful use of all those YUMMY embellishments. Wow!

Janet said...

Love this layout !!

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tinascrapbooking said...

These papes ROCK!!! Wow I'm really loving them!!!!