Thursday, March 5, 2009

A few pics from our Vicki retreat!

If you wish to have a full on details of our w-end and even more pictures... make sure to visit Laurie's blog.... she really did a fabulous resume!

Wanted to thank Katie, Rach and Laurie for our great quality time that we had... from the bottom of my heart.

Vicki you are a fabulous girl... creative, funny and ohhh so cute! Thanks also for the amazing workshops, see you in a few weeks in Toronto!

Prepping my ATC's - 28 in total - 10 steps/techniques!!!!
(See result in previous post!) Roommates #1 - Spending all w-end with you Katie was a blast!
Sorry for snoring! Roommates #2 - Rach and Laurie!
Rachel, Vicki and Laurie!
Katie, Vicki and me!
Fun photo shot.... first picture and 15 down the road...
look at the last one bellow!
Loving my new Friend Karen - Good picture of us!!! Xox
Ahhhhhhh the week is almost over!
I have completed my Little Yellow Bicycle - Baby Safari Girl - and will drop it to Jenn after work.
Will post pictures probably tomorrow!
Plans for this w-end you ask???? Cropping all day at the Scrapbox - Ultra Pampered Crop - with my friend Loulou ! Can't wait darling! {insert here: with a small interruption at diner time to go to the Sugar Bush activity with Stephane's work colleagues}
Sunday it's still undecided what we will be doing! Maybe more scrapping!
St├ęphanie xx


Closet Artist said...

It's looks like such a relaxing, creative, funny weekend. I'm glad you had a chance to be with your girls and create!

Kataroo said...

oh dear!!!!!

Louise Dubord said...

Can't wait either. See you tomorrow Bella! Pssst! Are we allowed to bring a moving van to a crop for all our stuff?