Thursday, June 11, 2009

To the anonymous posters......

Hello ladies!

Just a heads up... it's really hard to reply back to a person without an name or an email....
Anytime you have a question or a request, remember that you can view my profile and use the email that is linked there and I will be happy to provide any information that you wish to have and always if I can share it!

Question #1:
The store near the Syracuse area is called We B Scrapping and it's located in Cicero prior to arriving to the Syracuse area. Here is the link:

Question #2 posted on June 4th
For the girl that wanted to purchase the instructions to make my Tag Album Book for her dad 80th B-day....

If you are interested in receiving PDF copy of Instructions of past classes, please email me and I will send them to you for a small fee.

End of my public announcement of the day!!!!
The w-end is almost here.... can you feel it?
I do.... Ahhhhhhhhhhh

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