Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Recap of the w-end and what's happening this week!

And it's starts here:


  • Wake-up 6am - took our showers
  • 7h - Car is ready with our bags, we leave!
  • 7h30am Timmie's stop at Casselman for Coffee and breakfast
  • Arrived around 9h30 to see Loic's Soccer game however the Coaches didn't show up, so perfect time to take a few pictures! Here are my 2 favorite ones... I also have belly shots of him - perfect for 1 page soon! Loic loves bellies!

  • 10h15 - pool time @ 86°c it was perfect!
  • 12 - rain came out - time for lunch... mmmmmm a mix mash of all my favorites - Thanks Magali!
  • 1h - prepping Loic to go with Mamie & pappy overnight to give us an adult afternoon and evening
  • 3h45pm - movie "De père en Flic" with Louis-Josée Houde - EXCELLENT for those that speaks French!!! WOW laughing from start to finish!
  • 6h15 - Diner at the Cumulus (really good selection, but pricey for what it is)
  • 8h pm to 8h45 Car ride to see big house in the neighbourhood - always fun to dream!
  • 8h55pm - Came back home to watch Gran Torino with Clint Eastwood, planning to call our friend Melanie (phone # not in Magali's cel and 411 didn't give us the good phone # to reach her)
  • 9hpm Magali decides to go to the computer room in the basement to find her phone number
  • 9h01pm "@$%U*%^!"... and Magali screams "Their is WATER EVERY WERE IN THE BASEMENT"........
  • 9h04 all 4 of us.... to pick up the water - the Sump Pump is "Ka pout"! With all the rain from the past week and especially that afternoon... it was completely dead.

So 25 minutes later we had all the water removed from the floor, protected the computer and all goods still on the floor and then the water started to raise.... PANIC.... the cap of the hole was bolted to the floor and Stephane managed to remove the last 2 bolts before more than 2" was over flowing.... After God knows how many buckets, Rubbermaid bins, corn on the comb pots were brought up to dump in the toilet it was 10h30 when Magali went and got additional help from their neighbours (as they just got also flooded a few weeks prior) and ythinking that maybe they had additional tools to help us. WOW! A force to be reckon with! Both of them - military... they were just what we needed to get us out of the "never ending" water raising from "bip" hole!

At 11h20pm Maxime was able to get a reach of is Insurance Company and they were going to send us a team with a "temp" pump and evaluate what needed to be done. They arrived at 12h15 and they installed the pump and said that all the floor will need to be replaced and Mag and Max made the decision to have a good night of sleep and for them to come back the next day to rip the floors out.

So the moral of this tale... REMEMBER to call your insurance Company if this ever happens to you as they are probably willing to send a team instead of paying "X" thousand's of $$$ in damages!

  • 1H35am we finally left to go to bed at my parents, to sleep after a much needed shower!


  • Got up at 10h50 (much needed sleep)
  • 11h15 Enjoyed a Brunch with my parents and chatted up to 2pm
  • 2h15pm - We left for Mag and Max to go replace the pump as Stephane is quite the Handyman of the two - no offence Max ;o) & The girls (Me and Mag) enjoyed the pool
  • And finally watched the movie of the previous night and said our goodbyes around 6h30
  • 9h10pm "Home sweet home"... not long after that in bed!

I must say that... even with the water flood, it was a fun w-end! Maybe not the most relaxing one, but we had a good time the 4 of us + Lolo!

Here's a layout that I finally added the title - was made a few weekends ago with the June Jenni Bowlin kit! It's me and my sister when we were little. I added a few of my favorites that were not included in the kit: Dictionary page, Blank Tag to stamp the title, Mini Sticker Alpha's, Bazzill Swiss Dot Cardstock, Hat Pin, Prima Flowers and Making Memories brads, paper clips and buttons!

Loved the colors of the kit and I can say that one of my favorite techniques currently is to use the Ink applicator of Tim Holtz with the distress inks to change up the colors of tags and cardstock! WOW!


  • I can say that yesterday I was walking a little bit like a Robot but today I am much better
  • Thursday is my Tattered Angel Glimmer Mist class - I can't wait!
  • I have a good w-end planned: Friday and Saturday cropping at the Scrapbox - I think it's sold out on the Friday, but their is still room on the Saturday if you wish to join the fun call us at 613-745-2215!
  • Sunday going to the Rideau Carleton Raceway as Stephane and his 501st friends will be there for the CHEO fun day! Bring your kids it's going to be a Fabulous Day filled up with tones of activities for them!
Hugs and Have a good end of week.... it's almost Wednesday!
Stéphanie xx
PS... I know... I will take pictures of the Glimmer Mist album tonight! ;0)


Diva Loca said...

oy vey! that sounds like such a big mess - thankfully the insurance company was able to come...great tip!

the pic of Loic is SO DARN CUTE. man - he could be a model!! watch out girls when he's older...

love your pages too
have fun
take care

Nathalie (famille1999) said...

C'est donc bien plate ça. =( Ils sont de la rive-sud tes amis? Dans mon coin il ne semble pas y avoir eu de dommages à cause de la pluie. Vous êtes allés au Dix30?C'est bon chez Cumulus mais c'est vrai que c'est très cher. Mais la Tomate blanche c'est encore plus cher... *urgh*

Ah, et il est donc bien cute! :)

Kataroo said...

Wow what a weekend in deed :) I adore that page, I love it actually :) So wish I could scrap with you this weekend......but aug is not far away :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, beau résumé Steph!!! Un gros MERCI à toi et Stéphane, sans vous je ne sais ce qu'on aurait fait!!! Finalement, pas de dommage matériel sauf le plancher qu'ils ont enlevé. Demain le contracteur va passer pour faire l'estimé et il va s'occuper du reste... donc un beau nouveau plancher en perspective!

J'ai hâte d'avoir les photos de Lolo, c'est vrai qu'il est ''addict'' des bédaines!

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