Friday, January 8, 2010

Ending a fabulous week!

I was back at work last Monday after 2 weeks on vacations, I taught my first 2010 class on Wednesday the "all about me series" with a fabulous group of ladies. We became so close the "core group" (Louise, Kim, Heather, Kathleen, Sylvie, Liz, Kathy, Susan......) with new returning member since a few month like Stephanie B. This week we also had Jacqueline and Shauna with us. it's always fun to have new comers to this class, we really created a smashing dynamic; is really amazing! We started this series at the store in April with One Goal: Scrapping really about you, your life.... what makes YOU as a person.

Here's what we did so far:
April - photo's of you age group of 0 to 5 years
May - age group 6 to 12
June - Your Teen age years
July - Your favorite trip / vacation
August - Take me back to the prom
September - Me & my pets
October - My family Tree
November - Christmas past
December - Christmas 2009
January 2010 - My resolutions
February - My bucket list!
A fabulous series that you can join when ever you want is the subject and design touches you and it will probably continue for a long time!

Tonight and tomorrow - it's CROP time at the box. A full house both days! Many of my close friends and peps are going to be there, it's so great! Planning to do my Feb classes in the next couple of days and some valentine's stuff for my Etsy store.

What else is new with my wold, enjoyed watching a good movie yesterday coming back from Montreal Julie & Julia (we were my MIL, 3 fabulous cousins of Stephane Sylvie, Chantal, Louise and us 2 in a van) Stephane was our chauffeur and we enjoyed the movie to change our minds after a ruff afternoon attending a funeral.

I have some really exiting news to share when I have the green flag.... I will make sure to tell you all about it! It's all about Dreams and they can happen....
Have a fabulous weekend,
Stéphanie xx


Louise Dubord said...

There is a core group in the "All about me" classes because of the super wonderful teacher, so sentive to others and charismatic. Keep on flying, with your talent you will go far and make your dreams come true.

Elise said...

Happy New Year!! Hope 2010 totally rocks! Looking forward to keeping in touch and hearing more about your "All about me" classes! Go for it!