Friday, January 22, 2010

petite Sophie

We finally got some picture from my sister.
Here's my favorite one... the one that got my heart.

Je t'aime coccinelle... J'ai hate de te rencontrer au mois de mai.
I love you ladybug, can't wait to meet you in May. (Nick name that my sister is using for her)

Stéphanie ta madrina xx (godmother in Italian)

Almost all the pictures are out of focus, lighting not so good...I had to play with Picasa to make this one softer. More to follow with batch #2.


Mellisa said...

thoroughly jealous .... even she has more hair that me!!! lol

What a sweet photo of your sister and niece. A special moment captured. Congratulazioni, zia Stephanie

Kataroo said...

So very sweet :)

Anonymous said...

Belle Cocotte! Contente de voir une photo... Kiki semble si paisible et comblée! Un gros bisous de notre petite famille à la famillia Italienne!
Magali xx