Monday, April 5, 2010

A great long weekend

Friday we left early for Montréal and our first item on our agenda was a day with Magali, Maxime & Loic. We spent time playing outside with Lolo and went for lunch at our of the local "Cantine" for an amazing poutine (really the best cheese curds), stopped to grab our marinaded brochettes in a specialty market, dropped our boys and Magali and me went to a local art store to see if I could find different supplies to make jewelry. I found only a few different jump rings and colorful felt. After a few drinks and a amazing diner, we watched a movie (some were sleeping) others enjoyed the relaxing evening.

Saturday we spent time with my immediate family (Mom & Dad) and my sister with Skype *** AMAZING *** must I say! She now owns her laptop and was able to get Internet via satellite so we were all able to see her live (our own live web show), to see Sophie for the first time, see how Sebastiano as grown and To meet Mario for the first time after a big day of work! Truly the best part of the weekend. Stephane will install our web cam tonight so i will be able to chat and video in with my sister in Italy. We also played cribbage and in the evening we went back to Mag & Max. The guys went out to see Clash of the Titans and Me and Mag stay back with Loic and watched Did you hear about the Morgans. some were sleeping :) other were doing jewelry (fixing broken earrings and crating something new... see bellow - hope you like them Linda - 2 more to follow).
Sunday was a family day - Easter BBQ lunch with my parents and my brother.

It's official my brother Charles-André will be my traveling buddy to go in May in Italy. We are waiting just a few extra days to see if a online special for our tickets will be offered in the next couple of weeks, but we have planned to leave Friday May 21st (11h30PM) or Sunday May 23rd to the 31st. We are going to stay one 1 night in Rome to visit a bit and take the bus to my sister's village Saint-Angelo in Pontano.

Taking a few pictures with my parents for the

All about me class series for May and June.

Me & Stephane

Enjoy your week, if you have the day off today - Lucky you!


Stéphanie xx♥


Eklectik_diva said...

Very beautiful Stephanie!! I love what I see in the photos, can't wiat to see the real thing!!
Glad to hear you had a great Easter weekend with your family!
See you tomorrow night for the what makes me happy class!!

Kataroo said...

beautiful pictures of your family :) You look a lot like your Mom and so does your sister :)

Anonymous said...

I love your pics!!! Your family sounds like it is full of love. How beautiful!! I am so happy you will be able to go visit your sister and her family. I know you will be taking millions of pics!!