Monday, April 12, 2010

Necklaces... once again!

A fun weekend with the girls at the Scrapbox!
The plan was to create necklaces on Friday and to scrapbook on Saturday...

Well - finally the "match" ended with 4 new necklaces ( + completing Linda's custom chain selection for her interchangeable pendents) and 0 for Scrapbooking. Yes Jenn I will come back to the light.... I am just enjoying to much this new avenue of creating!

Fist up is this rich Brown and Teal composition using Prima flowers, fabulous vintage buttons and beautiful pearls (Thanks Loulou for helping me with my fiasco during my first attempt of creating the pearl stand).

All my creations are perfect from one side to the other in case the necklace flips to the reverse side.

Ohhhh this one is my favorite of the weekend. A few weeks ago Linda gave me some Amy Butler Fabric and this will be an interchangeable fabric bib (50% of the next one in teal / aqua is completed). It's also precious to me as elements of this one are provided from my dearest friends Katie & Loulou
~ Thank you ladies xox

A Coco Chanel inspired... well that's my vision on it~!

And a casual Friday one! Beautiful - fun bits of love!

If you wish to have your own custom jewelery - email me! I am open to orders, we can discuss timeline and prices.

I will be back to scrapbooking... I promise!
In fact I have 3 layouts I need to finish... of Greedo.
Have a happy Monday, a happy week!
St├ęphanie xx♥


Diva Loca said...


i love love love the Coco one...

i think it needs name change to "diva"
he he

happy week

Dorrie said...

extraordinary work..
i am just in awe of you!

Eklectik_diva said...

They're all beautiful!!
I had lots of fun with you and Katie!!!

Kataroo said... very beautiful :)

Rachel said...

WOWSERS .... I feel like I am looking into a magazine .... :)

R :)

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Your work is amazing Steph!!!! I can't wait to see them IRL!!!!