Friday, July 23, 2010

Lovely weekend here I come!

Well it's mid summer ( I can't believe that we are July 23rd... wow were does the time go....) and what better way to enjoy with great friends! I am feeling much better (not 100%) but I finally am carrying my weight and not dragging like the past 2 weeks!

So this weekend I will enjoy some great cropping with my great Scrapbooking friends Katie, Mellisa, Heather, Natasha aka "# 512" and some of the Scrapbox ladies! I'm HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! I have my classes for August to complete and I really am itching to create layouts with my Italy pictures!

Lets see what I am able to tackle!

So where ever you are - enjoy your weekend and stay safe!




Kataroo said...

woot woot almost here :)

Dorrie said...

glad to hear you are feeling better Stephanie... have a great weekend...xo

Eklectik_diva said...

Miss you and the other gals, but having fun!! One more week and then it's all over!!

Theresa & Keith said...

Hey! I checked my husband's schedule and I can't make the next crop :o(
It was great seeing you this weekend!!!

Barb said...

I wish I'd had time to drop by to say hi, but we were headed out of town on Saturday morning... and I was packing right up until 10 seconds before we pulled out of the driveway! lol. Hopefully I'll have a chance to see you soon.

<3 Barb