Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pink Art Journal - part 2

Here are the latest pages from my personal Art journal, the ones I completed over the weekend at the crops at the Scrapbox! Filled up with precious items that i was saving for the "special thing"! I added a touch of red here and there.... pink is made from red so it's works! I am trying not to set rules when creating the pages except the pink colors used!

This following one was my favorite that I created over the weekend!

Trash for some is little treasures for others....

I counted that I have 11 double pages or 22 mini single pages create to have my Art journal complete! Right now I have 7 single ones started on the 22, just back papers & paints.

I have a basket near my work station with of embellishments, scraps of papers, little things I have collected to use. It's such a fun process!

Enjoy your hump day!


St├ęphanie xo♥~

On other news I will soon have Katie's Art journal in my hands and I got Jenn's one over the weekend. I also have my All About Me March class to finish up, My Tags class & another layout class for March! Allot on my plate! Hopefully I only have my class this Saturday so my evening or more or less empty!


Diva Loca said...

gorgeous - just love the colours..super pretty!!!!!

Miss Sparkle said...

Your own Art Journal is beautiful Steph!!

Monica said...

I'm Monica to Italy
i like like this