Thursday, March 24, 2011

All About Me April - Echo Park for the Record

For April the theme for this 2 PG LO is about the words of wisdom that we each live by. We all have our favourite sayings and quotes from people (famous, infamous or personal connections) who have an influence in your life. The collection from Echo Park Just 'For The Record' was perfect for it! I think at this time the class is actually sold out, but if you are interested to join us - call the store in case their is still one spot for you! 613.745.2215 When: Wednesday April 6th at 6pm - 9pm Cost : $30/$27 for members
I have a few "Stephanieisme" in mind to add to this layout and some of my favorite quotes! I have a twist to the saying that was made popular by Tim Holtz... "Embrace the Beauty of imperfection" and some of my own: Jump on the hayride (for Jump on the bandwagon) or Between the 2 slices bread (for between a rock and a hard place)... and don't get me started about what I came up for "playing Hookie"....

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Miss Sparkle said...

What about between the Bark and the Tree?!!!!