Monday, May 5, 2008

NSD- weekend!

I had a great w-end! A full w-end of socializing and scrapbooking!
Friday enjoyed a delicious diner at Katie's... chicken ad shrimps on the BBQ with a side salad!!!! Mmmmmmmmm thanks Ryan you are a great cook! Then Katie and me went to A Fine Mess to crop for the evening... started a page, chatted and just enjoyed the moment, then went back to sleep @ Katie's.

The following day we had a private crop @ the Scrapbox with all our closest friends the ya.ya's and the ladybugs - missing in action Rach, Tanya and Tracy, we missed you girls!!!! Again not much productive, but had lots of fun! I had Mell as a sleepover guest and we left the crop around 10h30pm to snuggle and watch Enchanted! 50 minutes in, we were falling a sleep... so we decided to call it a night! The following morning we slept in a little bit and then joined our monthly group @ the Blackburn crop! Back home around 5 and Stephane arrived just a few minutes after me from is boys w-end at the hunting camp!

This is part of a project we did for Katie (the other 4 ya.ya's) to given to her as a shower/we missed you at Navcan and love you project. We all chosen a picture of Katie and did a small 6x6 and mounted all 4 on a card stock and presented it to her at the Scrapbox crop. this is my 6 x 6 of her and my hidden journaling tells her why I associate the word Wisdom to her. Love you Katie and Thanks for the great w-end spent with you and your 2 lovely girls! A special hug to Kayleigh!

Have a great week and hugs!


Rachel Tops AKA "Doodlebug4444" said...

This LO is stunning!!!! I wish I could of seen the finished 12x12 masterpiece.. maybe we can talk Katie into posting it. Sorry I missed out this weekend... I would of loved to be there with you guys! It was awesome seeing you on Thurs... we have to get together more often!


Kataroo said...

I had so much on Fri and sat with you. I loved watching you with Kayleigh, how sweet and gentle you are with her, and how she calls you Steashie....i of course loved my LO too, esp the butterfly technique.

Anonymous said...

Wow you had a busy weekend full of scrapping, yummy food and sleepover company!!!

YOur layouts were beautiful this weekend Stephanie :)

Kare Bear

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, this is a gorgeous piece. I love the butterflies; your projects always have the neatest embellishments. I love that acrylic butterfly, and I love how much bling you have! I wish I knew where you got that!
:O) Kerrs