Thursday, July 24, 2008

After's time to add PLAYLIST!

Now it has been a few months with Feedjit... and ohhhhhhhhh do i love this tool! It's amazing to see all the traffic coming over here... or leaving towards a new destination from all my different links! I was wishing to add "Playlist" since a long wile and finally did it last night! Went to bed late to update a list of my favorites songs, but it's so worth it! I have a few more to add... but until then enjoy this new feature on my blog!


Kataroo said...

so happy you added this, I have been going to certain blogs lately just to listen to their music....I have it on while I scrap.

Kataroo said...

oooh ryan will be impressed 3 pink floyd songs!!

barb said...

A playlist! Cool. Except when I check in from work! lol. I have the volume really low, but still... :P

me said...

yeah yeah yeah - i figured it out!!! I was expecting it to be far more complicated than it was!!!

Thanks for adding it -once again, you inspired me!

I know what we'll be listening to on Saturday night!

Diva Loca said...

i know you are online right now because you are doing the same thing I am...stealing songs from my playlist!!!

Janet said...

Hey, You love Justin too!
I call him my dirty boy!!LOL