Sunday, July 27, 2008

A half w-end recap!!!

Happy Sunday Morning!
It's so beautiful outside... perfect day to be at the beach, poolside... or on a boat! Don't forget your sunscreen!!!

Friday night i did some running around.... trying to finish my descriptions for my class @ the Scrapbox for Saturday and went home to just rest and relax.

Saturday was a really busy day...Morning got some pictures developed for some upcoming projects, then off I go to teach my class {acrylic album} @ the Scrapbox. Arrived at 12h30... and had a wonderful surprise of Mellisa stopping by to say hi! I'm sad that I was not able to see you more Mell but really happy that you did come by. Then I had a great group of ladies taking the class.... ok... I remember all the names - Meg, Renee, Trina, Megan, Laurie, Suzann, Brenda, Jane, Joanne and Nancy! Hope you enjoyed you self's and to see you soon!

Then off I went to meet up with Laurie for a night of scrapping! Stephane and Denis where at the movies during the afternoon to see batman and we all went for diner at the WORKS! Love that place.... mmm had my favorite chicken burger with Kraft diner and extra bacon! Really was good! However Stephane was not feeling good and didn't eat... this morning he is feeling much better. I completed this page.... Sweet little princess... went I saw these pictures on Katie's blog I so wanted to scrap them! Kayleigh is so beautiful in her grey dress and with all the greys coming out in this new CHA release I was really itching to scrap in the grey tones!

Please note that I wanted to have the small swirl from the creative imaginations paper on top so that's why the scrip is upside down!!!
Have a great Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful layers as always!

Mellisa said...

Beautiful layout. I love the grey tones too.

How did Stephane like Batman? I was afraid that it was only so big ($155 million opening weekend) because Heath Ledger had died. Boy, was I wrong. He gave the performance of his short life on that screen. Fabulous.

I have only been to the Works once and always wanted to go back and try something risque. I was too chicken last time. lol

Kataroo said...

ok you know I LOVE THIS LO, and its not just b/c of the beautful girl in it :) LOL What pp is the background? mmmm the WORKS......mmmmmm

Rachel Tops AKA "Doodlebug4444" said...

OMG OMG OMG.. I think I have a new STAYFUNNY FAVE girl...LOL


Closet Artist said...

Beautiful LO with all those yummy layers!

Thank you for showing us all how to make such a gorgeous acrylic album. I am proud to have it completed and have been showing it to everyone that will look!!

We too went to the Works for supper last night and I over indulged as usual!! LoL

namesconnie said...

This is so pretty. What a good job you did here. Sincerely, Connie