Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New ATC's and Remember.... Today 11-11-08

They are so addictive!!! I guess it's the same thing.... like making cards... but this is so fun to trade afterwards!

Sunday I made a batch of 12 for the Fabric Swap "Take 2" and had extra papers all ready cut and decided to make a separate batch of 6 called "Seeds of Friendship"... love the hydrangea paper flower! And the 6 black and silver ones "Sparkle Touch" were also completed last week. From this batch of 12 I have mailed one for Catherine, I owed 6 to my swap girls at the Scrapbox (Janet, Anne, Elizabeth, Debbie and Monica) because I was in love with a few extra ones that the girls brought at the last swap and I am also just giving 2 xtra ones... to Jenn and Tammy (they were my "enablers" to start making ATC's!)

A special note to.... Rachel, to all the soldiers around the worlds and to family and friends of those who lost love ones, I am sending positive thoughts today towards all of you and also thanking you for what you are doing for our Country and all of us. A big thanks from the bottom of my *heart*.

Stéphanie xx


Anonymous said...

Wow that are beautiful ATC's Steph. I will have to start doing those once I am well. I will have to check out one of those Friday nights to make and trade them!!!

Anonymous said...

That was me Suzane. LOL!!

Kataroo said...

beautiful work!!!!

Lynette said...

That is gorgeous...and not something that has taken off in South Africa...(yet)!

Sandra Smart said...

Hi there. Probably a really dumb question but what is an ATC?

Eve said...

Those are beautiful!

Rachel said...

Gorgeous work girl.. and THANK YOU!