Monday, November 10, 2008

W-end recep + Fabric Swap "Take 2"!

A great w-end! Friday night I had a full class for the first Fa la la Album! We had lots of fun and the girls really created all a beautiful album! Saturday was cleaning time at home... on going until it's done! I think I need a full week off of all my duties to make it happen! Then I prep my contribution to our ya.ya "Asian" theme diner at Tanya's! We had lots of fun and I prepped with Mell's supplies a wonderful mini accordion album for the girls! Now we need to all finish it at home and share it once completed! We went to bed a tad late.... but with all the lovely Candy Apple Martini's... we had a great short night of sleep!

Yesterday I prepared my Fabric Swap "Take 2"(unfortunately our first package that left went missing) and I decided to send a new batch with ATC's matching! Stephane arrived from hunting and didn't get anything but is leaving again Wednesday with the boys and will only return next Sunday.

Here are my ATC's and Fabric Swap "take 2"!

Hugs and have a great week!
Stéphanie xx


Kataroo said...

I LOVE that on your ATCs you put Fabric SWAP Take 2 :) AWESOME you are!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful matching fabric and ATC's!!! Very nice Steph!!