Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back from Italy! Part 2 - Living In Sant' Angelo in Pontano

The view from where we were living of Sant' Angelo

Sweet Sophie

She adores her daddy

Big Green eyes of Seby

My Brother and Seby - our First morning

My favorite part of the day - Colazione at Gianni
(Photos from various mornings)

My sister at the farm with Seby

Mario getting ready to work (my sister's husband)

Mario & and his girls!
Over 800 Sheep

Constantino (Mario's Brother) Really didn't want to have his picture taken!

Sheep dogs called Loupini (both of them - it's easier to give commends)
They are still in training!

Views of the villages surrounding

Me and My sister near the Pena Pizzeria

MY VISION - a true Italian field with Coquelicots (Poppy Flower)
I was dreaming to take a similar picture and we found the perfect spot!
View of the Monti Sibillini

A Scrapbooker's Paradise! Vintage Buttons Thursday tour at a local market

For you Nancy!

Top of the Monti Sibillini

Seby loves all my jewelry

Arrival of my parents!

Kiki and Mario

My dad and brother

At the Christening

My sister and me at the restaurent

Going back home.... I will cherish for ever this fabulous trip.
next time I will be gone for 3 weeks at lease!

Ciao... Italia....
Missing you all ready


Kataroo said...

WOW beautiful photos, amazing trip, I wish I could have that cappuccino :)

Louise Dubord said...

Great pictures. Mmmmm i want to go to Italy so bad now....

Closet Artist said...

Fabulous!! Such a special trip to treasure and what great memories!!!

Anonymous said...

Steph!!! You all are such a gorgeous family!!! Well, you in particular of gorgeous!! Beautiful pictures, beautiful scenery, beautiful people! I love the one with the "Coquelicots"!!! and the "Hello Kitty" for nancy!!


Dorrie said...

wow wow wow stephanie. the pics of the poppy fields are gorgeous.. your family is beautiful....your neice and nephew are growing up so fast...
you look so so so happy!