Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back from Italy! Part 1 - 24 hours in Rome!

I am back!
Here's a sample of the pictures... almost 2100 pictures in total Many pages to scrap!
I am back since June 1st - well almost June 2nd as we arrived in Ottawa around 1am. It took me 1 week to sort and select the ones I wanted to share.

***** Make sure to see older post - it's all the pictures from when I was with my sister in Sant'Angelo - 8 days in total! ****** or click on this link!

Saying goodbye to my Stephane

Traveling partners! My Brother and I

The best service ever- Really top notch! Food and all

Arriving at Rome at the train Staying - taking the Leonardo Express to downtown Rome - Next trip - I will want to stay at lease 3 to 4 days in Rome - so much to see.

Near our Hotel

First evening after taking a portion of the bus tour. Near Vatican City enjoying a fabulous meal. 51 euros - each an appetizer, we split the pizza, pasta, desert and a good bottle of wine!

The best Gelato ever - during our diner - we saw at lease 100 Italians turning the corner with each a Gelato and we were recommended from our water to go! Wow amazing!


24 hours is really a short stay - but my brother got us ticket for a Hop-on Hop-off Bus - it's the best way to see it all if you are not staying for long.
All photos are taken from the Bus except at the Trevi Fountains

Urbain Rome

in front of the Presidential palace

Micheal-Ange courtyard were we would meet one of his ladies....

This is the most impressive place in Rome (after Vatican City)

Perfect wind for the flag!

Cesar was stab here.

Walls of building - Beautiful

One of the Tiber bridge

Were the Pope would take refuge if needed in time of war
Castle Sant' Angelo

I can't recall.... oups!

My dream stop!
The Trevi Fountains!

Making a few wishes!

The right side of the Coliseum

Tiber River
Vantican City Walls

Pictures from the Church near the Trevi Fountains

Part one completed!
See bellow for part 2 in Sant'Angelo -


Mellisa said...

*WOW* These are going to contribute to some wonderful projects and pages. Beautiful photos.

Closet Artist said...

How beautiful!
I see many an album devoted to this trip!!

Diva Loca said...

yeah yeah yeah!!! awesome pics.

your nephew has gotten SO BIG. and your little niece is precious...i bet you miss them already!

welcome home :)

Dorrie said...

extraordinary pictures! what an adventure!