Monday, January 31, 2011

Pink Art Journal - part 1

I am participating in a Sketchbook circle with some friends and got my self a 3" X 5" Moleskine to do the swap. Yesterday after a day of organizing (Stephane was gone ice fishing with a friend) I needed a creative output... To jump start my creativity and get the flow started for the swap, here's a couple of pages I made in my book. I had a basket of freshly organized embellishments, pink acrylic paint & crackle paint and some gel medium. Here's what I made in a couple of hours. Oh so fun to create without photos.... and in this smaller size!
About 3 hours of work.... not too bad - no rules, just art...

Now the reality is that I will be going to chapters to get my self a second Moleskine to send for the swap.... I don't' think I can detach myself from my first Art Journal.

Have a good week!

Hugs Xo~


Ohhhh and I made a real beautiful layout for my second layout class of February over the weekend. Teals, greens and greys perfect for boys or girls - I had fun playing with the Vagabond Friday night at Saturday at the store to make it. Keeps your eyes open tomorrow it will shop up here and in Jenn's Scrapbox newsletter.


Louise Dubord said...

Wow, Wow, wow! C'est tellement beau Stechie! Wow, wow, wow!

HeatherFeather said...

Very niiiiiice!!!

Kataroo said...

love the pink pallete

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! You are sooooo talented!
Can't wait to see what's in the mail!


chelsea said...

Such a lovely art journal!

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Rachel said...

Are we not worthy of the art journal girlie??? LOL

nice work!

Mellisa said...

so pretty. cant wait see what you are doing as these journals circulate.