Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My 2011 word

What better way to introduce my word by sharing my layout about it. Took me a little wile to figure it out but was always going back to that word... OR'GANI∙ZE" in: ... my head ... my body ... my time ... and the "physical" space, basically what surrounds me either at home or at work.

Purging will be one major aspect to get there, all ready started last week no more VCR tapes or deck tapes - one big bag to the curb. We got a new unit for all our DVD's and CD's much better all organized by category, feels good. Now many others steps to achieve!

Was talking to Katie about it at the crop and it's a tangible word, you see results (better than my past ones Balance for 2009 and Action for 2010). Happy about that!

Any tips, pass them on!

To a 2011 Organize way of living.

♥ Xo~


Kataroo said...

Here's to Getting Organized :) well done on the steps already taken! You can do this!

Lorrie said...

Great start Steph! It was a lot of work doing my scraproom, but it feels sooooo good when it is done. You will accomplish your goal.

Rachel said...

Great step hun .. and one that will being ease to your mind and body! Looking forward to friday!

R :)