Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Saying goodbye to 2010

Writing this I can’t believe that we are all ready day 5 of 2011 (I wanted to do this since the past week but it just didn’t happen due to the big "TIME" factor!) The holidays were great! When I was putting my “out of office” at my job, I was kinda dreaming and hoping to also put it on my "day to day LIFE". To just do want I wanted to do, spend quality time with Stephane and my family, to really Rest & Relax, put the “creating” aspect on my life on hold…. Well it really happened. YES it did. Here’s a little recap! I pretty much didn’t open my computer (just quickly looked from my phone on emails & a few blogs, therefore sorry if I didn’t reply yet to an email, getting to them now…). I played DS with Stephane many many hours, spend time with my family in New Brunswick – My grand-maman is turning 90 in a couple of weeks so it was great spending Xmas there with my parents, brother and my extended family. The drive was horrible going and coming back, traveling to NB in winter what can you expect! ( almost 15 hours coming back when it's normally 12...) Had a great time on the 31st at Magali, Maxim and Loic for new years (if one day you plan to do the full meal of little hot M&M finger type food for 12 adults – PLAN they aren’t all the same temperature or baking time in the oven – it was a nightmare; but the chocolate fondue desert was heaven!) Didn’t take one photo * ZERO *… now it’s heavier on my conscience of keeping those memories on photo paper and for scrapbooking purposes… But I really wanted to put "it" on hold…. So I need to accept the consequences now!) Back to reality now, day #2 at the job, created some classes since the past week (see following post), thinking of my word of the year since December 30 (I think I have it now…) and happy happy happy that Friday I will be cropping at the “Box” with my girl Katie, Theresa and miss Lorrie (that’s the Scrapbox for those that don’t know and there is a tone of space call and join us 613.745.2215). Saturday a first "Girlz" reunion with Loulou, Linda O & Dawn with drinks, food, Scraps & much fun I am sure! Can’t say goodbye to 2010 without a couple of Highlights Little Sophie’s birth on the 10th of January and that I am the Godmother, My Trip to Italy to visit my sister and her family (traveling with my brother was really great), 6 days in Orlando Celebration V with Stephane (living the full Star Wars fantasy + Disney) & with Mag, Max & Lolo, Taking great workshops with Tim Holtz, Debbie Schuh & Melissa Frances, Teaching & Cropping at the Scrapbox, Creating custom Necklaces (can’t wait to do more…), actually itching to do some right now.... maybe Saturday ;) Well that’s it for now! Hugs and happy 2011! ♥ xo~


Renee said...

Happy new year to you and Stephane.
I hope to get to a crop or two this year and get back into the craftiness.
All the best!


Mellisa said...

Happy New Year to you both. Glad you found some time to reconnect with yourself. So easy to lose that, surprisingly. Enjoy your scrappy weekend. I have a funeral on Saturday and a 'business' lunch with K on Sunday. Not how I wanted to end my holidays. lol Cant wait to hear more about your classes AND SEE YOU SOON!