Monday, August 8, 2011

Finishing up Layouts

This past weekend I stayed home. Felt really good.... no plans, just time for me. The past months I've been working hard with Super Tornado Tammy to get organized. Doing that I found like 9 layouts that I had started at crops that where never finished because I didn't have either something to do the title.... or that perfect thing left home.

So I managed to finish 5 of them during the weekend! Yeah! So I have a few more to do and projects also that I need to tackle from events that were hosted at the store.

Me & my sister

Filling my everyday with laughter, smiles and unimaginable joy

My sister and Sebastiano, last summer in Italy... I really love this picture of the both of them

Loic my godson his first day of school last year

Greedo, the Bounty Hunter (yes his name is taken from a Star Wars character)

Series of photos of Sebastiano again from last summer in Italy wile easting the best pasta I had ever had in a restaurant in Sarnano near the Mont Sibillini

Enjoy your week!
Stephanie xo~ ♥


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Oh Stechie I love these :) LOVE THEM!

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Wow! These are beautiful Steph!