Saturday, January 20, 2007

First class completed

Wow... with full perspective, now I can say that all went well! I will need to adjust a few thing for next time, but for my 3rd class in all my life of teaching, it went pretty great! I was so tired after.... ouffff ! Working 8h hours a day in front of a computer... versus standing to teach for 4hours... a small change and I will to get use to that! The only thing for next time... I hope that we will be able to start all at the same time... it was hard to combine all the different arrivals as it was a real big project for only 3hours! I can't wait for the next class on Feb 1st and see the outcome!


Kataroo said...

So glad your class went so well!! I think anyone taking your classes is super lucky to get taught by such a talented artist.

Michelle said...

Yippee! The first one is always the hardest! I wish you the BEST for Feb.1st!