Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tomorrow... is a big day!

I will be teaching tomorrow at Scrapbooking Café my first class and I am... seriously a tad nervous about it. I know that all should go well but I'm really not a person that takes dimension when I scrap...

When I started 4 years ago scrapbooking I had the thing for Color Blocking... or simply Blocking. I use to do it with even no sketch or guide... it's the way my mind works!

I will need from now on at the time of creation (to simplify my life and gain back my sanity), to take some measure and write them up! For those that are interested here's the link to my 2 "Scrapbooking of the wall" projects that I will be teaching tomorrow and on Feb 1st !

I will be reteaching them in February at the Gatineau store location!
Wish me luck!


Kataroo said...

Good luck your going to ROCK the class!! So proud of you!!

Kataroo said...

wow just checked out the projects they are AMAZING truly AMAZING!!

Barb said...

Good luck, Steph! I know you'll do just fine. :)
~ Barb

Marlene said...

So, how did it go Stephanie? I am sure it was a big hit - you do such amazing work.