Monday, January 15, 2007

"The" first Post!

Lets start with one of my favorite photos of me and my love!

I must say that this is truly under construction or I will be honest.... I'm trying to figure out all the tools...

I must advise all my viewers that I will most definitely post in French and English... and I hope you will enjoy each and every visit on my new blog!



P.S. .... I will have time to time... small spelling errors so please... READ but no judging...!


Kataroo said...

YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO very proud of you!!!

The Karen said...

Wow Stephie, it's beautiful!!! I just love that pic of you and your love.

I'll be stopping by to visit now and then, but I saved your blog in my blogger file :)

Kare Bear

Mellisa said...

what? no judging?? BAH!! ;-)

Tu est une bonne amie, ma belle et je t'adore avec tout ma coeur.


Marlene said...

Welcome to the world of blogging Stephanie! Your blog looks great (and no judging coming from me ;)).

Michelle said...

What a gorgeous photo!