Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Last days recap!

And what's new with me... you ask?!?!?
Well let's back track the few last days to share all the little details....

  • Last Friday we had a ya-ya diner (Mellisa, Katie, Tanya and me... minus Rach) at Le Caveau de Szechwan... oh so good. Flat rate of 19.95 and you can order anything from the menu...mmmm and my favorite one was the Sesame Beef! ohhhh so good! Then we went for desert at the East side Mario, we were just not ready to go home. Katie stayed overnight at my place and we unpacked my Bad Girl swap kits and went to bed.

  • Saturday I worked at the store from 10h30 to 6 and arrived around 7 to rest for the evening, made my layout for Mellisa (Superbowl 2008 owing's!) but I forgot to take a picture... Mell when you have a chance can you please send me a pic of the layout, please and thanks!

  • Sunday was our annual get together at Mellisa and Kevin! We had big plans to make our samples of TH products, but instead we surfed the net for some great YouTube videos of CHA or just cool techniques! And well my luck as turned and I was victorious (well my chosen team the Steelers won!0 Will not rub it in.... But now Mellisa has from that Sunday 364 days to complete a layout with my chosen pictures! Will have to do a little photo shot you and me darling!

  • Monday did "sweet nothing"... watched TV in bed all evening!

  • Yesterday... was a great evening with great girls! First off Dorrie... who I must say... is the ONE that introduced me to scrapbooking about 6 years ago... So please join me in thanking her, because I would probably not be blogging, teaching or most importantly having the close friends that I currently have. She use to work with me here at Fisher and since that time we are always bumping in each other in scrapbooking "grounds". I hope we will be seeing each other more, it's always a pleasure spending time with you! Then Laurie.... a true sunshine in my life. So happy to have you in my close circle of friends and every minute spend with you I am truly blessed. An addition to the group last night was Karen, she's so sweet! She took a few of my classes (beautiful job on the mirror album by the way) and she is friends with Dorrie since their 8 years old! So happy that you came and I can't wait to spend some time at the Ultra pampered "Scrapbox" crop this w-end! We were missing our Janet that was really under the weather and opted to stay home (hope your feeling better). Moxie's was great! Amazing drinks, food and good laughs! A few pictures to remember the moment and to scrap! Next time we are going to go closer to the west side of the city... probably mmmm The Keg! Never been there too, Moxie's was my first time and it was really delicious! I just have to say WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO girls!!!!

  • On the scrapbooking front, planning to attack my Bad Grils DT application in the next days! I have all my ideas aligned and it's just the "TIME" factor that is not playing in my favor!

Leaving you with a few pictures....of last night!

Dorrie and Laurie

Karen and me

Us 4! Thanks Chads for thanking the picture!!!!
Enjoy your Wednesday and hoping to share a few new things soon!
Hugs St├ęphanie xx


Barb said...

Wow, you're one busy gal! Nice pictures of you and your girlfriends. :)
And I can't wait to see what Melly scraps for you. :D

Dorrie said...

hmmm... I think you are a funny chickie.. WOOOHOOOO!!!!!
We need to get together more often.. I had a blast!!
Hugs and lots of lovin'!!!

Kataroo said...

Best sleep I have had in a long time :)