Friday, January 30, 2009

Quick yesterday recap!

I droved with Stephane to Montreal around 1 to assist the taping of "Tout le monde en parle" at Radio Canada! What a great time we had!

My brother also announced to us that he is "moving up the lather" (was a Security Guard since the past 5 years) and now he will become part of the crew that are moving and setting up all the studio's stages, props and equipment... therefore being a part of the Radio Canada big family! I'm really happy for him, but sad at the same time because it was for him his last time on that set in that function! He was the "casual" security guard with the audience since the past 3 years 1/2. Some Sunday I was fortunate enough to see him on TV if the camera was on the perfect angle!

So this Sunday, major competition to the Superbowl... Stephane, Magali, Maxime and me we will probably be on TV in the back of Danny Turcotte the co-host. For my English readers, this is probably not a major excitement, but this show is really one of the best talk show ever for French TV! We were also fortunate enough to have received an extended tour of all the different studios set (Virginie and Auberge du Chien Noir), costume, decor and props depots, news sections, and so much more. It's a maze (OK my bothers works there since more than 5y and knows the place by heart), but he prepared us a little schedule and presented us to is security guard colleagues and staff and basically to what we never see on TV!

In the corridors we were lucky to see and sometime "ambush" and shake a few hands...of the following: Jean-René Dufort, Celine Galipeau, Michel Barette, Jici Lauzon, Soeur Angèle and Pierre Lebeau.

Great set for this upcoming Sunday: Patrick Huard, Karine Vanasse with Denis Villeneuve for the movie "Polytechnique", Mara Tremblay, Richard Martineau and Jean-Francois Mercier!

This Sunday on "French" Radio Canada at 8pm (ottawa channel 5 and Montreal channel 4!) you may just see us in the back ground!

A few pictures to come (technically not supposed to take pictures) but we did for the total purpose of scrapbooking take just a few!

Have a great w-end!
For me... a few change of plans... tonight teaching the make and take for the ATC swap and diner out with my Ya-ya's minous 1, Rach sendding you a big hug... Tomorrow teaching the class of the month and a few extra hours in the store, Sunday Superbowl sunday's at Mellisa and Kevin! I guess I will only rest the next w-end!


Mellisa said...

Had a good time last night. Looking forward to tomorrow. Glad you had a great time at your brothers work.

Louise Dubord said...

Hey! That's so cool. I always watch that show... while scrapbooking, I will watch carefully tomorrow in case I catch a glimpse of you. Take care and have a good week.

Marlene said...

Sounds like a very cool trip!