Monday, April 20, 2009

Back from an amazing w-end with "just" Donna!

Who is "Just" Donna... you may ask?
Yes I am referring to Donna Downey! Now I can refer to simply or "just" Donna having spent 48 hours with her!

ONE Word... INSPIRED! I know it's Donna's trade mark, but it represent totally my emotions and state of mind after the 2 days spend with her. No pictures yet of my 3 projects (they are not totally completed yet) and when they are done I will post them! From paint, to special mediums, to the little tricks on the side, I learned so much during the w-end and channelled my inner Artist!

Down to earth, FUNNY, Captivating... she is really a pleasure to hang with!
Speaking of that we were lucky to have a "little" visit to our room until the weeeee hours of the night enjoying a great chat, some smelly feet =) and 1 paper bag Canadian beer!

I can now say that my favorite treat now from Starbucks is an Non fat, No water Chai tea latte....mmmmmm delicious, thanks Donna for the experience!

Meg, Mell, Donna, Me and Renée

Thanks Cheryl for the "happy hands" picture!

Before we left Smith Falls we enjoy a bit to eat (Donna, Mell and me). I add offered at the beginning of the day my company at the airport as a few hours were open during the time the rental car needed to be returned and for her flight to leave. Mellisa was just not ready for the weekend to be over and decided to join us!

What an unforgettable weekend!

That's it for now to report!

Have a wonderful week
The B-Fri Stephanie (yes given by miss Donna)!

PS I was so tired returning home but really happy to see Stephane, he had so much to chat about his own w-end and we are getting ready for the Sci-Fi Spectacular event at the Ottawa NAC. I will be a Senate Guard Thursday night to participate with him as a "non official 501 st member" and then Friday I am leaving with the girls to Navcan for the full w-end! What an exiting week/weekend it will be!


Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

Love the chai latte. But my absolute fave right now at Starbucks is their caramel apple drink. Oh my god. Heaven.

Kataroo said...



Barb said...

wow wow wow! I'm glad you had a fun weekend of scrappin' inspiration with Donna. You're rubbing shoulders with all the big wigs of the scrapping world, Steph! :)

snooks said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend. I too love the Chai latte, my SIL introduced me to that little piece of heaven.
I see your apron made an appearance, awesome! Wishing I was going to Nav Can for the weekend too, one of these days...have a fantastic weekend (another one that is LOL)

Louise Dubord said...

Glad you had a great time! The apron looks great! Looking forward to seeing your creations....