Monday, April 6, 2009

Fabric pages completed!

Et voila!

6 of them all completed and 1 pending to receive ~ can't wait for yours Mellisa!

Renée, Meg and I had a little get together to swap our fabric pages (Renée is hosted a swap in occurrence with the Donna Downey even in Smith Falls to have as a keepsake of the event) and Katie join us in the fun of creating a fabric page also even if she is not attending!

What a fun thing to do! Loved it! I had an idea and the final product is really close to what I had envisioned! However my sewing machine was crating lots of frustrating moments when I was trying to put it all together.... but thanks to 3 sewing Angels (Luce, Laurie and Cindy) I am really happy with it!

3 layers of fabric for the backing, Tulle, Lace, Ribbon, K & Co paper, Dew Drops, Metal clip by Tim Holtz, Metal word and smaller silk flowers from Michaels.

Ruffled tulle ( 2 size) with lace done with my sewing machine
added the pick grosgrain bow on top

The large paper flower is from Prima and was white! It was Glimmer misted with a few colors + I made custom water/ink/perfect pearl mix (same thing as Glimmer Mist by Tattered Angels) and sprayed it even more with my Ranger mini mister.... All dried up with a eat gun (thanks Nancy for sharing with me Glimmer Mist and eat gun!). The Velvet leafs are also by Prima!

The back is printable fabric stitched with the swing machine.
I love the flocked/velvet fabric I found.... would love to make cushions with the rest that I have!

Last week was a busy week and eventful week.
I happy that it's all over!
Also for those that may be wondering.... My sister is OK she lives about 2 hours from the zone of the 6.3 magnitude quake that happen during the night yesterday in Italy and all their little family or neighbours are all OK. Good sign of relief I was able to get in touch via Internet with Liz her friend and neighbour! oufff!
It's a 4 days week, I am happy with that and next w-end I will be also enjoying some time in Montréal! I will try to update more often this week, if i can!
Stéphanie xx


Closet Artist said...

Your fabric page turned out so beautiful that even my husband said "Wow!" when he saw it!! LOL
Oh I totally forgot your sister is in Italy! So glad she is safe!

Kataroo said...

so glad your sis is well. I can't imagine being affected by a natural disaster, how horrible it must be. I remember being young and being terrified of tornadoes.

very pretty page :)

Rachel said...

Glad to hear your sis is okay Steph.. huge relief!

Nice work!:)

Louise Dubord said...

Thank God for the Internet. When events like that occur it's sometimes so complicated to make sure our loved ones are OK(like for the tragedy of the World Trade Center).I am so happy for you that they are all right. Thanks for letting us know. XXX

Diva Loca said...

happy you sis and her family are safe and sound :)

Barb said...

What a gorgeous page with the fabric... it's so very YOU, Stephanie! :)
And glad to hear about your sister... how scary!

Luce Lavertu said...

Tu as fais du beau travail Stéphanie. Je suis heureuse de savoir que ta soeur est en sécurité.

How To Win At Slot said...

I sympathise with you.