Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I love production lines!

I just got a few of the pictures of the different steps I needed to make for my fabric project (thanks Cindy) and I am really loving creating in a chain type assembly line.... For I need to make doubles or series of something... boy loving the chain work!

It's the same thing with ATC's, cards for Xmas.... anything that is done in a series love it!
I just wanted to share a photo of the different elements that I have used to create this fabric project and to follow Donna's last week Fabric ATC's post (see middle section of her post), that's what I will be doing next... A little series of Fabric ATC's. Wanna Swap? I know I have Catherine lined up for this one for sure (Catherine it's my monthly one that is going your way).

I can toss a few more in the mail.... to 3 ladies interested to swap ATC! Willing to swap, just let me know by commenting in the comment section!
EDITED: ANY kind of ATC! I removed the fabric part of the ATC, I realized that if can be out of the box!

It's "officially" Hump day today! Yes Laurie pointed that out this AM in a email and it's want I needed to read to motivated my self even more!

Have a happy week creating!
St├ęphanie xx


Louise Dubord said...

I love production lines too. I helped Linda to prepare kits for the Class card she volunteered to give, and I really liked it. your ATC are so pretty, that I am starting to thing about making them.... Hmmmmmm

Anya said...

Hey Steph!

I'd love to swap a special edition ATC for one of your fabric ones. Now I just have to think up something extra special.

Catherine said...

I'd love to swap a fabric ATC with you....i'll get one, or some :-) made up at the beginning of next week and get my pile mailed off to you!! xox and HAPPY Easter!